On Being Thankful

11 weeks out from delivering our beautiful girl, I find I have been really down on my body.  It doesn’t even look like it did before Cricket… not even at the same weight.  Things don’t fit the same.  I don’t feel the same.  I look at it and it looks like the body of someone else, someone older and doughier.

I took 10 weeks of maternity leave full-time, and 2 weeks part-time from home.  These 2 weeks have been an eye opener… I struggle to get work done, and keep Cricket taken care of.  To pump and feed.  To do laundry and clean house.  To make delicious and nutritious meals…  Working full-time and caring for an infant will be no joke.

I haven’t found time to exercise while on maternity.  A few walks here and there…  Some strength training spattered in there as well.  I don’t imagine it will be better when I get to working full-time in the office again.  And that makes me so sad because I truly wanted to start out with habits during this transition in our life that I could share and show Cricket.  It makes me feel like I’m failing her already.

And then I thought about how lucky I am to be where I am at with my body.

Because I have a beautiful baby girl, whom I love more than the world.

Because I am so lucky that my body carried and delivered her to us.

Because my body provides her with milk and comfort.

And I am so thankful for those things…

And for this girl…
best day ever
1 week old
so little... so tired


Thankful Thursday

  • I’m thankful that I got a killer deal on luggage at Target last year…Because that means I can fit my entire wardrobe in it when we go on va-kay to Vermont next week… My husband is NOT, I repeat NOT, thankful for this same thing. 🙂
  • I am thankful for the dog tiring out a mile into his walk this afternoon… It’s not quite cool enough out to wear long black yoga pants and be comfy out there, thank you.
  • I’m thankful I only got a LITTLE snippy with the girl from US Bank when I just called to complain about an extra charge I saw on Mint.com for our mortgage… Since you know… I was the dunce who added USBank and was actually looking at USBank transactions, not duplicate charges to my account as I huffily told her had happened.  I’m also thankful that she didn’t call me a moron for not noticing that BEFORE I called.
  • I’m thankful we have out of control Swiss chard.  Since the gasoline in the grill is empty… Grilled Chicken with Corn on the grill is not happening tonight… But, without additional cash outlay, we can have Swiss chard with tomatoes and chickpeas… My frugal-sense is a-buzzing away with joy!
  • I’m thankful for having such a great sniffer… yes… my nose and sense of smell… Not only can I avoid spoiled milk SECONDS after it spoils, but all afternoon I’ve been able to smell the delicious smell of puppy dog.  HEAVENLY!!
  • I’m thankful for having a job that allows me so much down time to just enjoy my life.  And I’m thankful for reminders that I.AM.ALLOWED.TO.ENJOY.MY.LIFE.  I don’t have to feel guilty for being happy.  I don’t have to feel guilty for having to work less than most.  I can just enjoy my life for what it is each day.  
      • Secondary thankful note… I’m glad that Hubs doesn’t get so jealous that he makes me go back to The Bank.  I mean, he’s jealous… He stood right in the kitchen today after emptying the dish-washing water and said it… but… I think when he looked at the dishes piled up and realized I would be the one cleaning them… that jealousy vanished… Immediately.
  • I am thankful I put wine in the fridge last week, because I’m so having a glass in about 2.2 seconds after I post this…  I mean… How else is a girl going to tackle the mass of dishes to be done?!?

What are you thankful for??? I mean… Other than this post?!? 🙂

Thankful Thursday

I dig balance.

I mean, I really really dig balance.

Not to say I achieve it, but it’s one of my favorite things.  I try to make each part of each room of my home balanced.  My favorite asanas are balance ones.  I even loved the balance beam when I took gymnastics as a kid.

So since it tends to trend that Weight Talk Wednesdays are a little on the negative side, or feel like they have an edge of negativity, I like to balance that with being especially thankful the following day!

These things I am thankful for:

  • Being able to pursue my dreams.  I might not be where I want to be yet, with my massage practice, but I am able to pursue it and learn and grow.
  • Skele-toes being an Amazon deal of the day last week.  Hubs now looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and I feel like a purple-footed penguin or something.  They are fun and new and I love them already.
  • The Husband.  I wake up every day thankful for him and for our marriage.  CORNY I KNOW! But it’s true.  Most people who knew me before him would probably never.have.imagined me settling down.  But almost 8 years later here I am!
  • Remembering to own my attitude.  I can chose EVERY minute of EVERY day how I’m going to feel (Well, with the exception of when my hormones take control, then it’s a fight a minute for me to keep control! 🙂 )… Why not chose to be happy?  Or chose to find the lesson or blessing in those cruddy things that happen?  No one is telling me I have to take clients cancelling as a sign I’m going to fail… Instead I can chose to take it as an opportunity to come up with new marketing plans and chose to look at the cancelled appointments as time to pursue those new plans… Which I wish I had thought of last week!!  Hindsight!!
  • Reading AliMc’s blog this morning.  How romantic, sexy and most of all ballsy.  I love it.
  • I’m thankful for something that happened a few days ago.  There’s a girl I went to school with, and I couldn’t help but notice how she’s looking so fit, and so healthy and it just makes me smile and so happy for her.  A lot of times I will keep those thoughts to myself, because I don’t want to weird anyone out… but this time I decided to share that with her.  I’m so glad I did!!  A) It was nice to boost someone’s day, and B) She shared great insight into some of the stuff I’m dealing with and to me, that’s invaluable!!
  • And finally, I’m thankful for vacation next month (15 days!).  Our trip(s) home to Vermont will be our only vacations this year… so I’m very very much looking forward to doing some touristy stuff with Hubs, seeing family and friends and just relaxing a bit.

That’s what I’m thankful for, what are you?