On Being Thankful

11 weeks out from delivering our beautiful girl, I find I have been really down on my body.  It doesn’t even look like it did before Cricket… not even at the same weight.  Things don’t fit the same.  I don’t feel the same.  I look at it and it looks like the body of someone else, someone older and doughier.

I took 10 weeks of maternity leave full-time, and 2 weeks part-time from home.  These 2 weeks have been an eye opener… I struggle to get work done, and keep Cricket taken care of.  To pump and feed.  To do laundry and clean house.  To make delicious and nutritious meals…  Working full-time and caring for an infant will be no joke.

I haven’t found time to exercise while on maternity.  A few walks here and there…  Some strength training spattered in there as well.  I don’t imagine it will be better when I get to working full-time in the office again.  And that makes me so sad because I truly wanted to start out with habits during this transition in our life that I could share and show Cricket.  It makes me feel like I’m failing her already.

And then I thought about how lucky I am to be where I am at with my body.

Because I have a beautiful baby girl, whom I love more than the world.

Because I am so lucky that my body carried and delivered her to us.

Because my body provides her with milk and comfort.

And I am so thankful for those things…

And for this girl…
best day ever
1 week old
so little... so tired


Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern

Today I am trying to focus on the good, and letting Hubs process all my (I-want-to-move-home) issues and how he feels about them.  In light of that, this will be an edition of Thankfulness Thursday!!  Hooray!

  • I am thankful for these fur-faces…  Smores only LOOKS mean, I think she’s mad because I’m not letting her eat more houseplants today.  This morning she got sick off of them and Hubs had to clean it up… Oh yah, I’m thankful Hubs found the cat puke not me!!

Smores – The Mean Faced Defender of the House


Lazy Dog Bones

  • I’m thankful for having indoor (working) plumbing… This summarizes it quite nicely.


  • I am psyched that I remembered to charge my mp3 players yesterday… One is fully loaded with audio-books, the other is currently kickin out some Bob Marley… Either way… Theron’s walk in a few is going to be much less boring!!
  • I am thankful for the gym equipment in our basement.  I would really like to ignore it and not work-out… but that’s not doing anything for my health. 😦  So thank you gym equipment for removing my excuses, I sure do hate love you!
  • I am SO AMAZINGLY thankful for Hubs’ body accepting his new medication.  Generic 30 day supply = $11.45… making a three-month total $34.35 (Yes, I did store away my math brain when I left the bank… I used a calculator to calculate that…. pathetic!)…. The same meds in their non-generic form… $579 for a three-month supply.  Ouch!!
  • I’m thankful for people who can understand my plight, and are willing to offer support.  Life’s easier when you don’t feel alone!!
  • I’m thankful for Tommie Copper.  His little gloves make my hands stronger and more resilient… I have them in size small, and they seem the right tightness, but the fingers are not quite long enough… Phone call to them today for sure, but even if it’s my only option, it makes a WORLD of difference!!!
  • And finally, I am thankful for my dishwasher.  Said hands can’t handle doing all those dishes.  Hooray for modern conveniences.

What are you thankful for???

Thankful Thursday

  • I’m thankful that I got a killer deal on luggage at Target last year…Because that means I can fit my entire wardrobe in it when we go on va-kay to Vermont next week… My husband is NOT, I repeat NOT, thankful for this same thing. 🙂
  • I am thankful for the dog tiring out a mile into his walk this afternoon… It’s not quite cool enough out to wear long black yoga pants and be comfy out there, thank you.
  • I’m thankful I only got a LITTLE snippy with the girl from US Bank when I just called to complain about an extra charge I saw on Mint.com for our mortgage… Since you know… I was the dunce who added USBank and was actually looking at USBank transactions, not duplicate charges to my account as I huffily told her had happened.  I’m also thankful that she didn’t call me a moron for not noticing that BEFORE I called.
  • I’m thankful we have out of control Swiss chard.  Since the gasoline in the grill is empty… Grilled Chicken with Corn on the grill is not happening tonight… But, without additional cash outlay, we can have Swiss chard with tomatoes and chickpeas… My frugal-sense is a-buzzing away with joy!
  • I’m thankful for having such a great sniffer… yes… my nose and sense of smell… Not only can I avoid spoiled milk SECONDS after it spoils, but all afternoon I’ve been able to smell the delicious smell of puppy dog.  HEAVENLY!!
  • I’m thankful for having a job that allows me so much down time to just enjoy my life.  And I’m thankful for reminders that I.AM.ALLOWED.TO.ENJOY.MY.LIFE.  I don’t have to feel guilty for being happy.  I don’t have to feel guilty for having to work less than most.  I can just enjoy my life for what it is each day.  
      • Secondary thankful note… I’m glad that Hubs doesn’t get so jealous that he makes me go back to The Bank.  I mean, he’s jealous… He stood right in the kitchen today after emptying the dish-washing water and said it… but… I think when he looked at the dishes piled up and realized I would be the one cleaning them… that jealousy vanished… Immediately.
  • I am thankful I put wine in the fridge last week, because I’m so having a glass in about 2.2 seconds after I post this…  I mean… How else is a girl going to tackle the mass of dishes to be done?!?

What are you thankful for??? I mean… Other than this post?!? 🙂

Thankful Thursday

I dig balance.

I mean, I really really dig balance.

Not to say I achieve it, but it’s one of my favorite things.  I try to make each part of each room of my home balanced.  My favorite asanas are balance ones.  I even loved the balance beam when I took gymnastics as a kid.

So since it tends to trend that Weight Talk Wednesdays are a little on the negative side, or feel like they have an edge of negativity, I like to balance that with being especially thankful the following day!

These things I am thankful for:

  • Being able to pursue my dreams.  I might not be where I want to be yet, with my massage practice, but I am able to pursue it and learn and grow.
  • Skele-toes being an Amazon deal of the day last week.  Hubs now looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and I feel like a purple-footed penguin or something.  They are fun and new and I love them already.
  • The Husband.  I wake up every day thankful for him and for our marriage.  CORNY I KNOW! But it’s true.  Most people who knew me before him would probably never.have.imagined me settling down.  But almost 8 years later here I am!
  • Remembering to own my attitude.  I can chose EVERY minute of EVERY day how I’m going to feel (Well, with the exception of when my hormones take control, then it’s a fight a minute for me to keep control! 🙂 )… Why not chose to be happy?  Or chose to find the lesson or blessing in those cruddy things that happen?  No one is telling me I have to take clients cancelling as a sign I’m going to fail… Instead I can chose to take it as an opportunity to come up with new marketing plans and chose to look at the cancelled appointments as time to pursue those new plans… Which I wish I had thought of last week!!  Hindsight!!
  • Reading AliMc’s blog this morning.  How romantic, sexy and most of all ballsy.  I love it.
  • I’m thankful for something that happened a few days ago.  There’s a girl I went to school with, and I couldn’t help but notice how she’s looking so fit, and so healthy and it just makes me smile and so happy for her.  A lot of times I will keep those thoughts to myself, because I don’t want to weird anyone out… but this time I decided to share that with her.  I’m so glad I did!!  A) It was nice to boost someone’s day, and B) She shared great insight into some of the stuff I’m dealing with and to me, that’s invaluable!!
  • And finally, I’m thankful for vacation next month (15 days!).  Our trip(s) home to Vermont will be our only vacations this year… so I’m very very much looking forward to doing some touristy stuff with Hubs, seeing family and friends and just relaxing a bit.

That’s what I’m thankful for, what are you?

Wicked…Good…Salmon Burgers!

I absolutely, and totally, woke up on the wrong side of the bed… and late no-less.

Hubs and I have this really bad habit of slipping into the whole snoozebar routine…  We hit the snooze, snuggle each other close… Repeat about 3 cycles.  Our house is wicked close to our neighbors…  I’m sure this is their favorite part of being our neighbor.

And, I’m very cranky.  I cried over my poached egg’s yolk breaking when I took it out of the water… which is almost the same as crying over spilled milk right? 🙂

To top it off, this is the hands down worst week I’ve had since quitting my job and starting to really focus in on my business.  I’ve literally had just about every client except one today cancel on me.  I hate putting that out there, I hate admitting how scared that makes me.  But I hate living under the umbrella of fear.  We are so lucky that we stocked a bunch of money away before I left the bank in hopes of moving home (not happening in the foreseeable future thanks to me quitting!)…  This month it might actually come in handy.  I’m trying to keep optimistic, but it’s hard.  And I feel like I’m running out of marketing ideas…  It’s not always easy, but I knew that when I went into this.

When I start getting cranky like this I tend to forget how lucky I am that my refrigerator even has eggs in the first place…  Nice organic ones no less.  There are people right here in this valley that do not have that luxury.  That’s usually enough to snap me out of my bad moods (even ones like today’s that are sponsored by Hormones!).  Or not everyone has a partner in life that is willing to pull them up and remind them that businesses are cyclical, so it’s going to be better and swing back.  To try to keep me from being discouraged, and to be okay with having to touch our savings if need be.  So there you have it…  I’m spending all day being appreciative of what I have.

Know what else I am appreciating today???  Leftovers from last night!!!

Dinner was so.freakin.good.

What with having my clients cancel, and then having originally planned to go out for a walking date last night… I had dinner already to roll when the Handsome One walked in the door.  The walking date was cancelled, so we got a good start on the evening!   And I was able savor our meal.

When my mother was here in April she brought with her 6 cans of Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon from Costco (PLEASE COME TO ROANOKE THANK YOU)… She and I had one can while she was here, and Hubs and I have been enjoying the remaining cans since.  My preferred (read quick and easy) way to use the salmon is to throw it on a salad with my knock-off Good Seasons Italian dressing…  So good.   And the animals love when we have the canned salmon because they love salmon and tuna waters!

Last night I wanted to do something a little different with the canned salmon, so I made salmon burgers/patties… using my waffle maker… yup… my waffle maker…   It’s also my quesadilla maker, grilled cheese maker… My unsung hero of small kitchen appliances.  In fact, I used it twice yesterday!  I’ve got that baseline one that just has waffle plates you can flip to have a flat “griddle plate”.

To round our diner out I made The World’s Best Rice Salad (recipe soon!) and when Hubs came home he took point on the grill and we grilled up some yellow squash we had kickin around the fridge… 🙂  I love summer and grilling and eating dinner outside!

Yah… Wicked good sums that up nice.


Salmon Burgers Serves 4


1 can drained salmon in water.

1/4 cup breadcrumbs + 2 tbsp o n a plate for coating the formed patties. I used Italian because that’s what we’re working through in the pantry

1 scallion – green part only.  I use kitchen shears to just cut it into small little slices.

2 eggs

1/4 of a small pepper – I used an orange one

5-7 leaves of basil – fresh.  Right off my container on the deck!  I also snipped this with the kitchen shears.

2 sun-dried tomatoes.  Again sniped with the shears.

1/4 tsp garlic salt (or more if you prefer)

1/2 tsp Italian Seasonings

Fresh ground pepper to taste


Prep your cooking source… Waffle maker, cast iron pan, broiler…

Combine all ingredients in a big bowl, except for the 2 tbsp of breadcrumbs… Put those crumbs on a plate.

Get your hands into your bowl of ingredients and really squish everything together.

Form 4 patties, coat each patty in the breadcrumbs on the plate to keep them from sticking together.

Place on your waffle iron (Mine states not to oil it, but I Misto-ed it anyway).  Close the waffle iron and walk away for a good 12-15 minutes, or until they are cooked through and have a lovely golden crust.

We enjoyed these on 100% whole wheat (gosh after years of being gluten free writing that makes me giddy!) with a basil yogurt sauce.  I’ll share that recipe below incase you want to try that as well… It’s not much of a recipe but simple and awesome.  It was so tasty Hubs literally licked the bowl.

Mindy Notes: 

For a cooking source I used a waffle iron…I used the griddle plates to be able to keep the burgers together w/o flipping them because I always seem to make them fall apart because I flip too soon!  I think you could use a frying pan or broiler or grill, but I prefer the waffle iron for an even golden crust on top and bottom.

With regards to the sun-dried tomatoes… We buy these guys in bulk because we fell in love with them in Italy and I use them all the time.  It’s crazy pricey to get them at the grocers.   We got three bags and freeze the ones we’re not using.  I keep an old salsa jar on the counter filled with thawed ones, and replenish as needed.

As I was re-reading this, I was thinking this could be made gluten free by using cornmeal in place of the breadcrumbs.

Also, flax eggs could be used in place of real ones if you have an egg sensitivity… or ran out of eggs!

Basil Yogurt Sauce Serves 4


1/2 cup plain whole fat yogurt

5-7 leaves of basil – snipped into strips

1/4 tsp garlic salt


Combine, and use as you would use any other condiment (we used this instead of mayo).


We had so much food that we have leftover squash and one burger each, which means my lunch salad will be grrrrrreat today!

Since I vacuumed only part the house yesterday, so today I have the pleasure of cleaning the rest of the house!!

And after I go into work this afternoon I get to pick up the CO2 for our kegerator… because the keg came in!!!  That means we’ll have cheap light beer on tap at the Grange household this weekend!  Come one, come all. 🙂

Happy Friday!

Small Business Saturday

I’m sure you guys have all seen that whole “Small Business Saturday” thing.  The first few times I saw it…  I kept thinking “aww that’s so sweet for small businesses”… Then it hit me… I’m a small business!!
I’m a small business owner!

I’m not going to lie… That makes me giddy, and giggly, and makes me blush at all once!

Never did I dream this would be my life.  I had hoped, that, in worst case scenario I could fall back on massage if TheBank let me go… and I had day dreamed I would be the one letting them go… But it didn’t quite seem real.

Now it is real.

I am so thankful, and so humbled in my thankfulness.  Each day is more amazing, and I’m so proud of my business and where it is going.

So go out and buy a massage from someone local Saturday… You might just make their day and make it seem like it’s all going to work out…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We will be spending the day with my brother in law Kevin, and our friends Christy, Justin and baby Ronan.  With a ham, and a turkey… Some wild rice and some stuffing (that Hubs is making)… Probably some gravy… Two (count ’em two) kinds of cranberry sauce… A delicious sounding greens dish… Butternut squash soup… And crustless pumpkin pie!!!

I hope each and every one of you is blessed with a joyful and happy holiday!  LOVE!!!

November Goals Update

Remember I made some goals for myself for this month?

Something along the lines of….

  • Yoga/Pilates with Hubs right after waking up.
  • 30DayShred
  • Cardio (30 Minutes)
  • Theron Walk at night (Which is really more his training plan than mine 🙂 )
  • Plus a run outside on Wednesday with Theron to start getting him in running shape.

  • I’m just going to go ahead and say that the 30DayShred blew my mind the first few days. I couldn’t walk up stairs without grasping to the banister.  I still walked Theron (Except 1 day when he got a day off for having that hip issue).  However, Theron’s not in running mode until I check with the vet on Wednesday morning, so running with him is off the table for the time being… but when Hubs and I were walking on the Greenway this weekend we decided to TRY to start running together on it in the mornings on the weekends.  Fingers crossed.

    That being said, I have at minimum practiced yoga, shredded and walked the dog each day (excluding his day off).  

    And this morning I did more than that minimum…  This morning I practiced yoga, shredded, ran on the treadmill, and will be walking Theron in a bit.

    So far the goals for November seem a little loftier than I expected but manageable.

    What else have I been up to on this GORGEOUS Monday?

    Oh, you know… 

    Picking up the house, making a TRIPLE batch of Lemon Currant Biscotti, doing some laundry, avoiding ironing Hubs’ work shirts, putting together a small media packet for a local lactation specialist for pregnancy massage, having lunch out on the deck with my handsome men… and enjoying the cleaned up backyard view!  Oh and streaming Led Zepp… Yes, I love the Led.  It’s true.  

    We added that pathway yesterday and I love it.  Feels like it’s a pathway to adventure!

    Not too shabby for a Monday!

    I can’t stop feeling so happy and like leaving the bank was so.freakin.right for me.  I really feel like I’m a different person.  I don’t know exactly how to verbalize it.  I’m just content, and crappy things don’t feel like the end of the world.  It’s an amazing place to be.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  To the universe, and to my husband.  And to myself… for taking the chance in honoring my needs and wants, and taking a leap of faith towards happiness and feeling fulfilled.