30 Day Challenge

Last year in May I participated in a 30 day challenge that involved: running/walking 1 mile daily, realacing an unhealthy breakfast with a healthy one (Mine wasn’t unhealthy to start) and journal on what moves/motivates you.  I am doing a variation on that theme starting tomorrow…
April 1 – April 30 I will run a mile everyday.  I am also committing to three random acts of kindness each day if the month.
I am also giving myself a little push and from April 1 until my husband moves up on April 12.  I am giving up junk food, fried food (Which basically IS junk food!), added sugar, and…. drumroll…. breads!

Alright!  Its out there in the interweb… no turning back!


Let’s Crock and Roll…..

It appears Theron wants to take over the blogging today…However, I’ve decided we can tag team it!!
It appears today’s weather is my comeuppance for bragging about our gorgeous weather yesterday.  Trick’s on you mother nature…. I LOVE THE RAIN!!  I actually love most different weather conditions… You can’t change it, so you might as well learn to enjoy it as best as you can!
I fully accept any opportunity to wear my mudboots.  I love stomping through puddles, I love splish splashing my way across the parking lot.  In the rain, bright colors pop so much more.  My rain slicker is a lovely salmon color, and it looks even prettier in the rain! 
Smores wanted to go out and play in the puddles this morning, but there was no time for that.  She’s an odd cat when it comes to her relationship with water… she LOVES it.  You take a bath, she’s right there.  You hop out of the shower, she’s jumping in to stomp around in the left over water.  You leave the facet running and she is in hog heaven!
I was so wiped out this morning, I didn’t even get up to exercise.  I hate that, I always feel like I am spending the rest of the day playing catch up.  I fully intended to come home, jog and stretch…  Who wants to guess if that happened?  Disappointingly, it was a a big old negative!  I am committed to getting to bed by 9:00 tonight.  We have some guys coming in the morning to do some work on our place, and so I want to be showered and done working out by 8:00 which is the earliest they will be here.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!
It was cold, dreary, damp and dank by the time we got out of work tonight.  Plus, today is our Friday!!!  To celebrate that fact, and to warm up…  I asked Hubs to meet me at Crock and Roll for dinner.  It’s a great place.  It’s located in Towers, which we both pass by/near on our way home.  They serve panini, salads and ammmmazing soup.  They have this Curry Corn Chowder that is that which dreams are made of.  It’s the perfect soup, well, for my taste buds!  I got that, and I got the Thai Chicken Salad with Thai PB Dressing.  We didn’t stop at home first, so there’s no pics. 😦  Hubs glutened up, but I did not!  They are fantastic about the gluten thing here.  You mention you’re GF, and they are very aware… It’s owned by a guy named Charles, and his moms works the register.  She even asked if it was okay to put Hub’s gluteny roll on our tray (I declined).  It was just what the doctor ordered….  It was warm, and soothing.  The salad was light yet satisfying.
I called my mom on the way to dinner and she was just getting out of her hot tub…  Surrounded by huge piles of snow!!  Talk about rugged!!

Snow outside Mom’s on Monday
Time to soak!!

Another cool thing that happened today was that my friend Ashley introduced me to a new toy!!  I’ve been a Fitday user for years, literally.  It’s what I’ve used to track my calories even before I went GF!!  I enjoy it, but at the same time there’s some limitations, so now and then I check out other tracking stuff.  I used to use CalorieKing when I first started the calorie tracking (before that I was a weight watcher).  I liked how CalorieKing has tons of foods, but didn’t like paying for it.  That’s what turned me to fitday.  Ashley recently started using myfitnesspal.  It’s super cool… It has a community function, which CalorieKing had, and I liked.  It has a blog function, and it is more interactive.  You can link to your friends and see their day of eating, as well as them see yours.  A great way to increase the accountability!!!!  Plus myfitnesspal has a huge database of foods, store brands included.  I’m going to give it a go for a week or two and see how it works out.  The only immediate drawback i see is that it won’t let me have a goal of more than a 500 calorie deficit, and as you know, my goal has been a daily 800 calorie deficit.  I’m a little confused about how to figure out how many calories it thinks I burn daily… and why it will only allow a maximum deficit of 500 calories…  Anyone out there use this and know if I can change this??

If you are on myfitnesspal… find me!!  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/GlutenFreeMinG

I’m cutting it dangerously close to my 9:00 bedtime…Theron’s being super cute and getting a jump start on sleepy time!!!  (Enjoy the Theron Love!!)