Random Musings…

I have a whole mess of stuff to share, and I’m so tired from item # 3, that I am too brain-stupid to put it all together pretty.  So I give you, Random Musings…
  1. Funny story… With this whole going vegan thing… I sorta enjoy teasing my mom… The biggest reason for that is she says things like “I don’t know why you’d want to make your life more difficult.” or “Oh no, what am I going to feed you”, that sorta  thing.  Today we were on the phone and she was sharing her dinner plans… Here’s the convo, paraphrased for your convenience.
    Mom:  I’m having a salmon burger tonight… They are supposed to be so good and they are only 170 calories… That’s a lot more bang for your buck than those little puny hamburgers I’ve been eating (She’s been eating 1/2 cup portions of the beef) and Kimmie (her best friend) has been raving about the salmon burgers, she eats them all the time!
    Mindy:  That’s so funny!  We’re having black bean burgers for dinner tonight!
    Mom: You mean “pretend” hamburgers… (See she loves to pick at my food choices)
    Mindy:  Yes, kinda like salmon burgers are pretend hamburgers.

    🙂  Makes me laugh!

  2. I might have finally gotten the hang of the whole Pinterest thing…  And found this…

    I would fully expect a (well, another) post on this topic soon… But I definitely have this problem more than I want to!
  3. I literally worked myself exhausted today…  Here’s the list…
    1. Laundry (This was actually quite a job since I hadn’t taken down the hang dry stuff for a while!)
    2. Changed sheets in guest rooms
    3. Ironed
    4. Reorganized mug cupboard
    5. Reorganized drawer with plastic wrap, plastic bags, etc.
    6. Made bread
    7. Completed most of my mending
    8. Made “pretend” burgers for dinner
  4. Theron has NOT I repeat, NOT actually learned to stop barking at the mailman.  I believe he was just lulling me into a sense of accomplishment only to have the element of surprise on his side when the lunged (almost) through the glass door at poor Jon the Mailman today.  No wonder we always end up giving him more and more for Christmas each year! (Jon the Mailman, no Theron).
  5. We decided to give TV a rest at night for a while.  Since it keeps us up so late we dont’ get up on time.  It’s clearly the TV’s fault… not ours. I’m already plotting how to entrap Hubs into watching NCIS and NCIS:LA tonight.  Shhh… Don’t tell.  He never reads the blog, so my secret is safe on here!
  6. Hubs just got home from grocering, so I have to go make dinner.  I hate making dinner when I’m tired… anyone else???  I keep trying to talk myself into the silver linings of it… (Like AliMc) such as… How lucky I am to have all these dollar tree colanders, they don’t have handles so I scald my hands on the steam but they do drain.  It’s not working yo!  But here’s the attempt…I’m lucky to be able to make dinner, we have food to make things with and I’m a good little cook.
That is alls I got for you folks!