On Being Thankful

11 weeks out from delivering our beautiful girl, I find I have been really down on my body.  It doesn’t even look like it did before Cricket… not even at the same weight.  Things don’t fit the same.  I don’t feel the same.  I look at it and it looks like the body of someone else, someone older and doughier.

I took 10 weeks of maternity leave full-time, and 2 weeks part-time from home.  These 2 weeks have been an eye opener… I struggle to get work done, and keep Cricket taken care of.  To pump and feed.  To do laundry and clean house.  To make delicious and nutritious meals…  Working full-time and caring for an infant will be no joke.

I haven’t found time to exercise while on maternity.  A few walks here and there…  Some strength training spattered in there as well.  I don’t imagine it will be better when I get to working full-time in the office again.  And that makes me so sad because I truly wanted to start out with habits during this transition in our life that I could share and show Cricket.  It makes me feel like I’m failing her already.

And then I thought about how lucky I am to be where I am at with my body.

Because I have a beautiful baby girl, whom I love more than the world.

Because I am so lucky that my body carried and delivered her to us.

Because my body provides her with milk and comfort.

And I am so thankful for those things…

And for this girl…
best day ever
1 week old
so little... so tired


30 Day Challenge

Last year in May I participated in a 30 day challenge that involved: running/walking 1 mile daily, realacing an unhealthy breakfast with a healthy one (Mine wasn’t unhealthy to start) and journal on what moves/motivates you.  I am doing a variation on that theme starting tomorrow…
April 1 – April 30 I will run a mile everyday.  I am also committing to three random acts of kindness each day if the month.
I am also giving myself a little push and from April 1 until my husband moves up on April 12.  I am giving up junk food, fried food (Which basically IS junk food!), added sugar, and…. drumroll…. breads!

Alright!  Its out there in the interweb… no turning back!

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern

Today I am trying to focus on the good, and letting Hubs process all my (I-want-to-move-home) issues and how he feels about them.  In light of that, this will be an edition of Thankfulness Thursday!!  Hooray!

  • I am thankful for these fur-faces…  Smores only LOOKS mean, I think she’s mad because I’m not letting her eat more houseplants today.  This morning she got sick off of them and Hubs had to clean it up… Oh yah, I’m thankful Hubs found the cat puke not me!!

Smores – The Mean Faced Defender of the House


Lazy Dog Bones

  • I’m thankful for having indoor (working) plumbing… This summarizes it quite nicely.


  • I am psyched that I remembered to charge my mp3 players yesterday… One is fully loaded with audio-books, the other is currently kickin out some Bob Marley… Either way… Theron’s walk in a few is going to be much less boring!!
  • I am thankful for the gym equipment in our basement.  I would really like to ignore it and not work-out… but that’s not doing anything for my health. 😦  So thank you gym equipment for removing my excuses, I sure do hate love you!
  • I am SO AMAZINGLY thankful for Hubs’ body accepting his new medication.  Generic 30 day supply = $11.45… making a three-month total $34.35 (Yes, I did store away my math brain when I left the bank… I used a calculator to calculate that…. pathetic!)…. The same meds in their non-generic form… $579 for a three-month supply.  Ouch!!
  • I’m thankful for people who can understand my plight, and are willing to offer support.  Life’s easier when you don’t feel alone!!
  • I’m thankful for Tommie Copper.  His little gloves make my hands stronger and more resilient… I have them in size small, and they seem the right tightness, but the fingers are not quite long enough… Phone call to them today for sure, but even if it’s my only option, it makes a WORLD of difference!!!
  • And finally, I am thankful for my dishwasher.  Said hands can’t handle doing all those dishes.  Hooray for modern conveniences.

What are you thankful for???

Weight Talk Wednesday

I’m bringing back my Weight Talk Wednesdays.  I like the way it sounds, and I like the concept of focusing on the weight issues just once a week here.  A) I don’t think it’s healthy to focus on it all the time, I have slightly obsessive tendencies.  B) It gets boring and makes me feel whiny if I complain about it all the time!!

I’m thinking today’s a good day for a recap, followed by a proclamation (I love that word, it sounds so very important and like it must be followed!) of my goals.

Recap…  I am going to share with you what’s been going on since the hiatus.

I remember complaining (before the hiatus) about how I had hoped/expected the weight would drop off with not being unhappy all the time, and not being as sedentary (since I no longer had a desk job).  But reality kinda smacked me in the face with the fact that it wasn’t going to magically just drop off?!?

Okay, so since then I have been “cycling” again…. as in lose 5 lbs, gain it back, lose 5 lbs, gain it back.
As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly helping me get to that goal of reaching my goal weight by my 30th birthday in October.

Why does the cycling keep occurring???  I ask myself this all the time, especially when I’m back to a higher point.
It’s little things that make me gain it back…

Like a visit from/to family… I stop measuring, counting, or even thinking about what I am eating.  It’s crazy… I actually find that I rarely taste my food even when I am eating around my family.  It’s a little different with Hubs’ family… they are more apt to continue to serve me and I’m still so meek and mild I don’t do well with saying no.

Or PMS.  Once a month I am out of control for 3 days.  And I always think, huh, 3 days shouldn’t be enough to ruin my momentum.  Somehow, it is.  And that combined with the bloating for the following 3 days has me feeling like I’ve failed again for 6 days of the month.

Or things like this past weekend… I look forward to the weekends with Hubs so very much.  I’m crazy in love with the guy and he’s just such fun to hang out with, or do yard work or home projects with.  This got me in the mind frame to indulge and enjoy every possible second… at every opportunity. It starts out simple with a beer/glass of wine with happy hour (cheese, olives, maybe some crackers).  Sometimes it stops there, sometimes that puts me in that good place where I just want to chill out, and then I don’t make the best decisions.

Okay, that’s the Negative Nelly side of things… Here’s some positives from the past several months.

I definitely eat cleaner and better and such than I did 6-12 months ago and feel better health-wise.  I haven’t had a full on IBS attack in months upon months.

Just a month of P90X has made me stronger.  I picked up a bottle of wine to move it around the kitchen (from the floor to the wine rack) and had to double check it because I thought it felt half empty (it wasn’t).

Theron’s been so much healthier with me walking him a couple times a day.  I feel better, he looks/feels better and his training has come along leaps and bounds.

My mom and I started a 1300 club… basically we were committing to eating around 1300 calories a day (sometimes more, sometimes less).  It worked great for a couple of weeks, but soon after she was here for a visit, it all went down the drain, and I’m still trying to find my motivation!  But my takeaway from this is that I know if I stick to it, it can work!

There’s a lot of pressure I put on myself to be at a point where I have reached a healthy weight.
I am sick of having pictures taken that I want to delete…  Especially since I’m going on vacation this year back home and I hate going home and feeling fat.  And I am a bridesmaid in my brother-in-law’s wedding and I truly truly adore the bride (and groom)… so I want to make sure I look as presentable as possible in their photos!  And we have vacations we’re thinking about next year that would require a swimsuit.  Ack, I can’t even imagine photos of that!!
I’m sick of feeling like that initial impression could be deterring clients.  Who would you trust more when receiving a massage??  Someone fit and healthy, or someone who isn’t?
And Hubs and I both agree (as well as my gyno) that mastering that healthy lifestyle/weight is vital before we try to get pregnant.
And quite honestly, I’m sick of failing and feeling like I’m on a continual cycle.  I want to have these healthy habits in place as HABITS.  I don’t want eating well, and exercising to be optional aspects of my life.

So there you have it.  

The Goal Proclamation (Doesn’t “proclamation” make it sounds so very official?!?)
From now until 10/20/12 I have about 5 months (157 days).
The goal to lose is 25-30 lbs.
That’s about 6 lbs a month… or 1.5 a week.

The process:

  • Continue with P90X (generally in the morning so I won’t “run out of time”).  I have been absolutely loving this workout, as long as I get to bed in time to get up and at’em… at 5:00 am.
  • Keep up with my 1 mile run after P90X.  When we finished our workout (Hubs and I do P90X together, cause we’re cute like that), I had been running a mile.  I know that’s not a huge distance but it felt good and was something I wanted as a baseline to build on.  And it has me out of the house so Hubs can cook me breakfast!!
  • Continue with Theron’s 2 walks a day.  The first is around 30 minutes, just him and I before I settle into work.  And the 2nd is a family walk with Hubs as well.  Smores (the cat) does not come, she doesn’t walk well on a leash. 🙂  Yes, I tried to walk her on it once… no it didn’t work out well for anyone, she kinda just got dragged along.  
  • Get back on board with the “1300 Club”.  Having a defined objective works well for me.  One of the key aspects is I don’t add back in exercise calories or anything.  I think sometimes that creates an exercise obsession for me that isn’t healthy.
    • This is a little easier in that I keep in mind healthy meals when making the weekly meal plan.
    • A little sub-goal here is that Hubs’ and I are still cleaning some of the non-real food out of the house, but that I really want to get to a point where we’re eating healthy whole foods only.  
    • Also I need a list of healthy “treats” for when I have that nighttime dessert craving…which seems to hit me most when Hubs’ is out of the house for B-ball on Monday and Thursday nights and I have no witnesses!  Suggestions are welcome, and encouraged. 🙂
  • Get enough sleep!  This one is so hard for me because I tend to get lost reading or online in the evenings.  Realistically for a 5:00 am wake up, I need to be getting ready for bed at 8:30 pm.  Yes… That does mean I go to bed earlier than all the children in our neighborhood. 🙂
  • Drink my water.  I have been slacking on this on and off, but I feel better when hydrated, and being a massage therapist I know how vital water is to all our body processes and to lubricating our muscles.
Really, when I type it all out it’s really not that hard of a plan.  It’s just sticking to it that’s difficult.  
Expect updates on what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and any changes to my “process” on Wednesdays.  I’m not going to let this be a pity party.  I think if I can focus more on what goes right than what goes wrong, I’ll be in a better place mentally about it all.
I’m hoping this will help me find focus…  What do you do to keep yourself focused on your goals?

I don’t regret when I run; I regret when I do not…

This is so true.

It was by sheer determination and mental force that I got on the treadmill this morning.

I am so glad I did.  I may have only pushed out a couple miles… but I upped the run time vs. the walking time.  And I’m doing that process verrrrry slowly so my Achilles have time to acclimate, and I don’t have to stop and take months off again!

Recycle, reduce, reuse what you got… 🙂  That’s what I did with this picture.  But the mug is my favorite!!

After I got off the treadmill and was stretching, my amazing amazing husband came downstairs with my favorite little mug filled with Island Coconut and a splash of coconut milk…  My HERO!!!!!

As I’m taking my first glorious sips of coffee, I says to the hubs…  I says: I never regret getting up and on the treadmill… but I beat myself up ALL day if I skip it.
He said, he did: Well, that sounds like something good to remember.

And it is SO true!!!!

Seriously… After the darn alarm has gone off… You know in your little heart of hearts that you’re not going to get sleep of any quality… So just drag your butt out of bed, and embrace some exercise… Then you can go through your day guilt free!!

Happy Saturday Morning!

Today I was thankful Hubs kept hitting the snoozer button.  When I woke up to use the ladies room at 5:00 am… I kinda went “ugh, only one and a half hours until wake up”.  I already knew i was too tired for that.  We ended up getting out of bed at 7:30… How very very decadent!!!
From that we went to yoga time, followed by pilates…
Then I went on the stationary recumbent bike in our basement, while the Hubs kept me company and we watched Gen whip up some homemade limoncello (yes please!) and a really awesome looking fish dish that is making its way onto our next 2 week menu! 🙂

The Bike
The “view” from the bike…

Then Hubs tackled the dishes, and I tackled the breakfast prep!

One of the things we’ve done this year to be healthier is to get rid of our teflon, or non-stick stuff.  We already had mostly stainless steel pots and pans, but had our eyes on some cast iron pieces.  They end up somewhat non-stick after being seasoned.  One word to the wise, do not ever use gluten in your new pieces and you’ll be able to prepare safe meals in your cast irons for life!

I sauteed up some garlic in the deeper cast iron pan…  then added some diced roma tomatoes, then wilted down some spinach.  After the spinach halfway wilted down, I added some sliced olives…  Once everyone in the pan melded together, I added some leftover egg whites in a container and a couple eggs.  I scrambled them up and topped with Athenos reduced fat feta!

While that was scrambling up nicely, I put some bacon in the other pan, and let that cook up.

Pop a couple of pieces of Pamela’s in the toaster…  A word on toasters if you will… When I went GF, we went out and got a dedicated gluten free toaster.  This toaster has never seen the evil gluten, and I intend that it never will.  My madre is so good to me, that she has a dedicated gluten free toaster at her joint too!!

And viola!!! Breakfast is served… with iced coffees no less!!

After breakfast, I tried to take Theron on a nice long walk but the humidity kicked his tush.  I had to drop him off back at home and soldier on solo!!  Why solo you ask??? Where was the oh so handsome Hubs???  He was tackling a home project.  He tried to replace our upstairs bathroom fan… however… That was an epic fail 😦  The pitfalls of a house built in the ’40s I suppose!!

We’re ready to get cleaned up, snag a quick lunch… and are off to sample wine(s)!!!!!

Hi, My name is Mindy… and I’m addicted to exercise.

Who’s head has been up her tush all day?  Who’s been so ornery that people have run upon seeing her approach?  Who has left crushed hearts in her wake?  ME.  I’m sure you all find this hard to believe…

And do you know why I have been so godawfully mean?

I skipped on my workout this morning.  I didn’t get my addictive little endorphin rush…  Neither did Hubs…

Not putting two and two together… what with my mental fog from not sweating it out this morning…  I’d been complaining about being so crotchety that I wanted to run away from myself.  And so sluggish and cluttered in the brain I could hardly stand it!!!  Finally I told Hubs I was just going to go for a walk and see what happened… 

And these are the startling results… as evidenced by emails between me and the handsome Hubs…

From: MinG
To: Hubs

Exercise did the trick!
Hi, My name is Mindy… and I’m addicted to exercise.

From: Hubs
To: MinG

Hi Min…may I call you Min?
Well Min, I too, am an addict, light. Welcome to the club!

Please feel free to join our club….  We won’t charge you much.  Maybe some motivation and encouragement help from time to time… but you see, we will give you the same in return.  We can all become healthier and happier together!!!