30 Day Challenge

Last year in May I participated in a 30 day challenge that involved: running/walking 1 mile daily, realacing an unhealthy breakfast with a healthy one (Mine wasn’t unhealthy to start) and journal on what moves/motivates you.  I am doing a variation on that theme starting tomorrow…
April 1 – April 30 I will run a mile everyday.  I am also committing to three random acts of kindness each day if the month.
I am also giving myself a little push and from April 1 until my husband moves up on April 12.  I am giving up junk food, fried food (Which basically IS junk food!), added sugar, and…. drumroll…. breads!

Alright!  Its out there in the interweb… no turning back!


Eat, Sleep and Exercise — The Trifecta of Happiness!

For me, these are the three things that make the biggest difference in my personal happiness.
While I totally need all three to keep the boat at an nice even keel and clipping along… The biggest element of them is sleep.

When I get adequate sleep… I can get up and have the energy to exercise. 
When I get adequate sleep… I am not as snacky, nor as prone to emotional eating. 

When I exercise…. I eat better.  Also, my body is happy because it feels used, but not abused.
When I eat healthier… I am not sluggish so I have energy to exercise, and don’t use junk food to attempt to artificially create a non-tired state.

I’ve noticed a marked increase in my happiness and ability to handle day to day stresses already… With just 2 days of solid sleep under my belt.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!