I’m Mindy.  I just turned 30 this October and am dedicated to dominating my 30’s, starting now!

I’m 5’2″ and working on finding a healthy weight… and more importantly, a (consistently) healthy lifestyle!

I am married, quite happily.  We have a gorgeous mutt named Theron and a tortie (cat) named Smores.  I live in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia.  I have many hats!  I make our home nice and clean, I manage most aspects of our life, I am a small business owner, I’m an avid reader, and a lover of learning…

I am a certified massage therapist who owns her own massage practice Breathe Massage Therapy LLC in the Grandin Village area of Roanoke.  As I am still building my practice, I work less than a “normal” work week hours-wise, and have a lot of time to take care of our home, enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, take classes and pursue the different things that interest me.

I strive for a healthy life.  I try my best to eat real and whole food.  I believe in the simple pleasures of life.  I believe in being happy with enough.   I believe in my faith.  I believe in my family, and my marriage.  I believe in being happy and content.  I believe in working hard.  And I believe in being open… to changing and to growing.

The intent of this blog is for me to share my life.  However, it will likely show mostly the highs and the lows, with a smaller glimpse into the mundane.  While I think it’s awesome that I iron once a week, I might not find it to be something I chose to share each time. 🙂  I’m sure you will thank me!  My life is neither as low as it sounds at it’s lowest or as high as the highs… But it’s a simple lovely dream come true for me.

If you have questions/concerns/issues, please feel free to email me at FindingTimetoBreathe at Gmail dot Com.  Or of course, you can leave comments! 🙂

And here is a brief history…

I grew up in Vermont, right outside of Burlington… Vermont is a huge part of who I am, and of my heart. My husband and I both show that Yankee Ingenuity, we fix what we can and are very frugal with what we have for the most part.

I attended Vermont Tech for a year, took a semester off, went back another semester and then just bagged that plan entirely.  I ended up working in banking, which then became working in mortgage, which then became working in commercial banking.  In September of 2011 I quit my 9-5 job and have pursued my business full time.  I’m hoping to continue it on a part-time basis in the future.  If you had asked me in 2011 if I thought I’d ever miss working in a “regular” job, I’d have called you crazy… But I do!  I miss the structure and routine.  I think perhaps the job I had been in last was not a good fit any longer for me, and that was a greater cause for my unhappiness.  I really did like the numbers crunching, I’m just crap at the office politics stuff!

In 2004 I met started dating the man I would marry.  In 2005 I moved away from everything I knew, from my state, my family, my friends to start a life with him.  I moved to Blacksburg, VA where my future husband was finishing up his degree at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!).  I commuted to Roanoke, VA; first while he finished up, and then while our lease ran out and we were both working in Roanoke.  We moved to Roanoke, into a nice apartment… and bought the future husband a car.  On December 29th, 2006 he asked me to marry him.  In March of 2007 I found cockroaches in our apartment, freaked out and we ended up buying our home together.  (We had to unpack each item and inspect it for cockroach evidence before bringing it into our home so they wouldn’t travel with us… what a pain!!).  On July 5th, 2008, 4 years and 2 days after our first “date”, I married the most wonderful and perfect for me person.

This blog is a lot about finding that time and space to breathe in my life.  Life goes so fast, and so often I would be so keyed up I couldn’t enjoy it.  I always felt so constricted.  Now, I am finding time to breathe…

Cherish it


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