I’ve been taking advantage of this really great program offered by the Roanoke Valley Library system.  They now have free memberships (for library patrons) to Universal Class.  Universal Class gives you the opportunity to learn and explore on different topics.  I signed up for five classes – maxed it out – of course!

I am working through the Wellness Coaching one right now, and was working on the lesson regarding Mental Wellness, and came across information about affirmations.

The general gist of them (in the context of information from this class) is that they are statements written, said internally and/or externally, in the present tense to help work through situations.

For example…

I am still struggling with placing adequate importance on working out.  It’s something that disappoints me and frustrates me daily.  In order to overcome that hurdle I could use affirmations.  Some affirmations I could use are listed below.

It is my choice as to how strong I am.  I am the creator of my health.

Exercise is a big component of health.  I chose to be healthy.


Some of the suggestions from the lesson were:

Frustration:           Even though I dislike frustration, I can handle it.

To get pleasant results, I often have to do unpleasant things.

Achievement:      What I become is my choice, for only I am the creator of my destiny.

I’m no longer afraid to use the power within me to achieve my goals.

Love:                     I draw love and romance into my life and I accept it now.

Love is all around me. I feel everywhere. Joy fills my entire world.


I’m committing to trying affirmations for the next month and see if I find it changes my perception.  It seems like it’s similar to the cognitive based therapy process of re-framing your thoughts.

Does anyone currently utilize affirmations?  Do they help?





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