8 Years.

The silver lining of this derecho and the power issues is that Hubs’ work had no power yesterday so we had the day off together!!

We puttered around (I did ironing, laundry, etc.  He couponed or rebated or something).  Hit up Walmart for a new bottom for some tankini tops my little sister gave me (Thank god for whomever decided to make the tankini.).  I bought some new running shoes, and a new pair of flipflops and Hubs got a pair of sandals.  We had really great grilled veggies for dinner, and rounded the day out with bringing the RiverDog (Theron) down the Greenway into the river.

Today I am a little bummed… Tower’s shopping center has power back (per facebook, not personally confirmed) which makes it likely, very likely that Hubs’ work will have power today, and he will have to work.  I was hoping SO MUCH that he wouldnt’ have to…

You see, 8 years ago today was the start of what we have now… I’ve spent 8 years with the same man…  Fallen in love more, and to be honest less at times… but we’re still here…  And we’re talking about me!!!  The quintessential wild child.  The girl who no one thought would settle down, not for lack of trying, I always was seeming to pursue someone… but I couldn’t contain that wild streak…  If you ever meet me in real life… The stories I could tell you… I promise they back this claim up and then some. 🙂

But here we are… 8 years later…  And on July 5th, it will be 4 years of wedlock.  (I love that word!) Holy crap where does the time go?!?

Happy Anniversary Love.  🙂


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