Poop Patrol

Theron’s been having some serious breathing problems.  His tongue’s been turning purplish.  Even my cousin Dustin noticed it when we were home…. I say that like it’s shocking… but Dustin’s a dog person, so that’s not shocking… The fact that someone who’s seen Theron 3x in Theron’s life would notice that made me realize I wasn’t just “imagining” it worse than it is.

Last week when we got back to Virginia, I set up his annual visit for August, and figured I could always bring him in before that if I got more worried.

He’s been coughing for a few months… almost like dry heaving.  And for a really long time he’s had spells of extremely heavy breathing that we attributed to his hips bothering him.

I just couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong.  Not only was all that going on, but he was having doggie diarrhea (Gross I know!) daily for about a week and a half… which is not normal for him.  I had been trying to be frugal like the Husband and not bring the dog in more than we had to… but I couldn’t do it.  I told Hubs I was bringing Theron in because he was worth more to me than the vet bill.  I stood my ground…  Hubs said he was surprised it took me so long to bring him in!!

We had an appointment on Tuesday at 11:30.  The doggie doc was alarmed at the breathing problems and the blue/purple tongue thing.  She said that he was not getting enough oxygen.

He went off to X-Ray… and when they came back there was what looked like a piece of metal in his esophagus, a lot of debris in his stomach (looked like cat litter), and a lot of infection in his chest cavity.  The vet decided to send the X-Rays off for a second opinion before treatment.

The radiologist surmised the piece of metal was actually in the top of Theron’s GI tract and should pass.  The infection in his lung cavity area was probably causing the breathing problems and needed to be treated.  The cat litter hopefully would pass.  He got an antibiotic and something to help with his stomach issues.  The vet also asked us to check his poop for evidence of stuff passing.

Wednesday evening, when I walked him, I found some shale-like rocks in his ummm remnants… So I am hoping that’s what the metal object was… and I’ve been finding kitty litter in his ummm remnants….

I also think they neighborhood probably has voted me sketchiest dog owner… because I mean honestly… who sits there and feels up their dog’s poop (It’s in the bag, I’m not doing it with my bare hands thank you very much)…. and then looks joyful at discovering stuff in it?!?  WEIRDO!!!

We’re hoping that his breathing will get better and he’ll pass all this junk in his stomach….  Keep your fingers crossed!!


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