Fresh Tracks Farms Vineyard and Winery

Whilst on vacation, we had a “transfer” day between my in-laws and heading up to stay with my side of the family.  It landed on a Wednesday.  Tuesday evening we had dinner at Jon’s aunt Carolyn’s house and they had been talking about a winery just outside of town.  So on our way out of dodge Barre we stopped at that winery.

I’ll admit, if we didn’t have a family connection, we might not have been as apt to plan this into our trip.  Jon’s cousin Jordan works for the farm, and he gave us a bottle of their Little Piggy Pink Rose as a wedding gift.  Jordan’s parents had a 50th, I mean 25th birthday bash there this past year, and after looking at the pictures, I got it in my mind to stop and visit.
I’ll admit we’re not HUGE wine snobs, but we’re picky about wines when we taste them.  There are a lot of lovely lovely Virginia wines… We haven’t really loved a lot of the Vermont wines we tasted so far.  I was a little apprehensive about what all the wines at Fresh Tracks would taste like, but it was so close and dog-friendly, so we just bit the bullet and stopped for a tasting.

The wines were excellent.  I found them to be crisp and clean while still being complex.  I enjoyed them more than most of the Virginia wines we have sampled!!  Almost all the fruit is grown in Vermont.  With the exception of the pinot grigio which was grown in Cali.
We loved-loved-loved the Vermont Rose (bought a bottle!) and the Frontenac Gris (bought another bottle!)… They were stellar.  We also sampled the Little Piggy Pink and the American White.  They didn’t have Digger’s Dance, La Crescent (which Jon’s aunt said was great, and I had really been looking forward to!) or the apple dessert wine.

It was a gorgeous facility… Theron loved it!!
My only complaint is that the girl who was working that day was not very attentive.  A wine tasting of four wines shouldn’t take an hour when there was only us and another couple in the facility.  We kept almost feeling rude when we would have to remind her to pour the next wine.

You can check out the website… Or stop in if you live in the area!  I bet it would be amazing during foliage season!!!  It was $4.50 for the tasting, and we kept the glasses.  That was steeper than I would expect to pay for a 4 wine tasting, but we were on vacation! 🙂  All and all, it was good and we plan on visiting again to try their Digger’s Dance (hopefully, fingers crossed) on our next trip home!


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