This heat…

I know lots of people who spend all winter bitching about the cold… Hubs is one of them…  But for me, the oppressive, humid, hotness of the summers here are worse.

If I don’t walk the dog by 8 am, it’s just not happening!  For him more than me…

It will look gorgeous out, but the only way to enjoy the outdoors is an early morning hike or a sunscreen-slathered kayak trip…  Or I suppose at a pool if you’re lucky!

And I feel this way from June-September…

Then it gets cold and Hubs feels the same way about the cold from December-February.

That means I have one more month of misery over the weather a year than he does… I think that earns me some bling. 🙂

To get stuff done outside is a delicate dance with the sun and heat.  I had to walk the dog first thing, and Hubs is weed-whacking (weed-eating for you Southerners), edging and mowing right now… then we’ll quickly quickly eat something for breakfast and then run outside and try to weed our gardens while the sun is still on the front side of the house.  As soon as it gets too hot, it’s done.  😦  My poor chard is so tall and glossy and pretty… and so very close to being choked out by weeds.

Wish us luck and hope we don’t get heat stroke!!


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