Welcome Back Wednesday!!

Whew!  What a week and a half.

I had planned to do a recap of our wonderful time in Vermont with our friends and family, but Hubs has the camera with him today so I can’t download the pics… 😦


We got back on Monday evening to a fixed and fully functioning septic tank!  That means I can do dishes and laundry and all my other household tasks again… Once I get motivated!  Also, that means I can flush the toilets… It’s the little things in life…  Like running water and waste removal. 🙂

I am in a little fog with being back in Virginia.  Neither of us wants to be back!  We’re so happy back home, and for me, it takes a few days to shake off the sadness of being so far away.

That’s mostly why I didn’t blog at all yesterday.

And since I’m without the photographic evidence of our vacation, I’m feeling sort of random…

Random Hodge-Podge of Thoughts:

  • I did gain weight on vacation; just a few pounds.  I’m okay with it.  I know why/when I eat without regard to my hunger.  I know how to work on it and how to fix it.  I also know that I haven’t been exercising much, or sleeping well.  We’re starting P90X back up tomorrow.  I think it’ll all be good.
  • Our gardens grew out of control this past week!!  We have clusters of tomatoes, more chard than you can shake a stick at and our broccoli plants are half my height!!  Say nothing of a new batch or two of kale that I’ll be harvesting for dinner.
  • It’s crazy hot here.  I’m sweating just sitting at my computer.  Try getting motivation to do housework in that heat.  Yes, that means the A/C hasn’t been turned on yet.  I’m waiting on the Money-Man to approve that!
  • It’s my future sister-in-law’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Kathleen!!!
  • We left the kayaks hull-side down on the deck when we were away… I’m scared a nest of black widows moved in.  I’m scared I’ll get bitten while ‘yaking, but man do I see a trip out on the water in our future!!!  (Okay, so we already have plans for that on Sunday afternoon… So I guess that means I’m not a clairvoyant.)  (I just wanted to amend that to say buoyant clairvoyant, but realized how dorky that is… I am sharing it anyway.)
  • My bank changed their online banking which REALLY fubar-ed my Mint.com process.  This month of being the household-budget-queen will not be fun… Or will it…. HELLO SPREADSHEETS!
  • Today’s a day full of chair massages… which I love and hate.  I love them because it’s great for my body mechanics… I hate them because I’m still focusing on not using my thumbs and I used to use my thumbs more with that modality.
  • Theron misses Vermont.  He’s not happy about being back in the south.  Something about the heat I suppose.
  • We need to grocer quite badly… all we have is Cabot cheese and freezer items… And swiss chard and kale. 🙂

Alright, I’m off to have an early lunch… I’m thinking grilled cheese…

Happy Wednesday!


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