We are here. We are here!! And happy birthday to my beloved…

That’s the picture I took as we were closing in on the Vermont border.

Such a gorgeous gorgeous (13 hours) drive.

Hubs kindly took the wheel the whole time, and I was his co-pilot.  We listened to a book on tape (Santa Fe by Stuart Woods) that was pretty good but didn’t really wrap things up at the end, which was disappointing.

It was crystal clear weather for most of the day which means the views were to die for!  We just soaked it all in.

We also accomplished my mission/goal of not purchasing anything during the trip except gas!!!  Even when the dramimine made me so woozy I sounded d-runk, I just drank more water and a coke from the cooler instead of buying coffee!!!

When we arrived at Hubs’ family home we were greeted by his parents and our friend Arkadiusz (We were so lucky to meet him on our trip to Italy last year with my MIL).  What a way to start off vacation!!!

Dinner was ready when we got there, so it was a nice relaxing transition!

We got a good night’s sleep and now we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…

Which is a good thing…

‘Cause today’s a pretty big deal…

Today my handsome, beloved husband turns 30.

He’s more gorgeous, kind, loving, smart, funny and just all around amazing now than he was when I met him 8 years ago… And I’m so very glad that the premature little baby he was had such a will to live and is alive, well and strong today!


We’re going to church, and then to enjoy the day with Arkadiusz and the in-laws, and then tonight we will have cake with Hubs’ extended family!!

Expect mostly picture posts… Because we’re embracing every moment with family & friends this week!!!

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