Omelet d’art

Know what’s great about working less, and having my practice so close to my home?

You can make an omelet for lunch, just ’cause it’s what you’re craving!!

Gorgeous huh?  Like an objet d’art… 🙂

I’ve been thinking about eggs for three days now…  I finally have time to make something yummy with them!!!

I sautéed down a portabella with some liquid smoke and garlic salt, with a small splash of canola oil… I diced up a tomato and added that to the saute pan, and then finally added some chopped pepper at the very end. I really really wanted the peppers to be crisp!

I cut up some Monterey Jack, Caribbean Jerk Cheese and a little spicy buffalo cheddar…

And I used my omelet pan…

I love this thing!

You add half the eggs to each side.  Let them set up.  Add your ingredients and then flip on side onto the other!  It is so easy and cooks everything nice and even.

I am sure things like this have NOTHING to do with why Hubs comes home for lunch almost every day.  Nothing at all…


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