My Mornings

The fast and loose goal for my morning routine is:

  1. Wake up with the alarm first going off.
  2. Get up, get some water and a small snack.
  3. Go down to the basement; workout.
  4. Go for a quick run while Hubs makes breakfast.
  5. Eat together.
  6. Go walk Theron; mentally plan blog post for the day.
  7. Shower and get ready for the day.

Okay got that….

Here is what has (again) become reality…

  1. Get up after an hour of the snooze alarm going off.
  2. Race downstairs.
  3. Throw something together so Hubs won’t be late to work but can eat real quick.
  4. Walk Theron; mentally plan blog post.
  5. Avoid doing actual work or showering when I get home for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Life’s not so productive these days.

I also seem to be hatching great plans for “tomorrow” on these walks… Well Mindy… You got up late and are now racing the clock… so just skip working out and skip running…. You’ll get up so early tomorrow and get back on track.  And then “tomorrow” comes, and I have this same little talk with myself. 

Lying to myself, that’s what I’m doing!!

So I’m fixing that today.  

I know I HATE working out when it’s not first thing, I like to get all my sweating out-of-the-way at once and take one shower.  I realize how illogical that is, and how I’m using that to be an excuse not to put my health first.  Well, I’m going to break that rule today.  I have to hop into the shower as soon as I hit “publish” on this, so I am nice and clean and fresh when I see clients this afternoon… But it’s a short day of work.  I am thinking when I get back I should just immediately put on my running clothes and just bust out a mile, even if it’s hot and I get sweaty.  Then I’m thinking I’ll follow it up with a quick yoga session and some pilates.  It’s not P90X, but it’s something.  

Ohhhhhhhhhhh P90X.  My body’s been itching, craving, desiring some more P90X… We only got through the first 4 weeks, and then slacked off.  I’m debating if I want to restart at the beginning or start where we left off.  It’s kinda weirding me out man that I find myself daydreaming of doing P90X (Despite how insanely annoying Tony Horton gets), and that my body’s kinda telling me to get out there and push it!

Maybe it’s a sign of “personal growth”?!? 🙂


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