Yoga!!! Yoga!!! Yoga!!!

Monday’s are really kinda like Sunday’s for me.

My business runs Tuesday – Saturday usually; sometimes I see clients on Monday if that’s all that will work though.

So Monday’s feel weird to me.

Hubs is off to work.  His week has started.

I’m around the house usually… It doesn’t FEEL like the week has started for me.

While most people hit the ground running after the weekend with getting back to working out, you know, if they are like us and totally slack off on the weekends….Mondays are still kinda like weekends for me…  So we’ve let that create a hurdle for us when it comes to restarting our workout habit.

Hubs plays ball on Monday night so that’s a convenient excuse… Oh well, we can blow off the work out this morning, you have basketball anyway and I’ll just walk the dog.

Which is, for the record, what happened when we looked at each other this morning at 6:45 am.

BUT unlike every Monday for the past couple months, I did something to take care of myself, to get my week started off with some good exercise.

I went to yoga.

I love Monday night yoga.  It’s a really great donation based, drop in class at an Episcopal church just over half a mile up the road.  So i strap on my yoga mat (in a little carrying bag) and a little draw string bag with my blocks, strap and phone and away I go!!

Today I had the extra treat of being able to see Hubs for about 5 minutes before I left for yoga at 5:50 pm.  I got there in time to catch up with everyone in class, and to get a great spot right in the front where no one would sway and catch my eye and kill my balance.  Class went from 6:15-7:30 pm, and then Hubs met me with Theron as I walked home.  Hubs and I walked the dog a little ways together,  and Theron and I dropped Hubs off at basketball (Monday night it’s at the high school about a half mile from our house).

Then I got to come home, have leftover salmon for dinner and around 9:25 pm I’ll go  back out and meet Hubs on his way home pick up Hubs because it’s raining out and he’s so sweet he’ll just melt in the rain…

I can only try to tell you how amazing yoga was today.

A) The yoga instructor is simply wonderful.  She’s calming, she’s strong, she helps guide your practice deeper, she’s fun…. I love taking her class.

B) It’s been a reallllllly long time since I did more than 20 minutes of yoga, so my body was wicked happy!

C) I took time to take care of my physical and emotional needs.  I really struggle with that.  I know self-care is so important, but I’m only at the beginning of feeling like that’s okay for me to make as a priority.  But I started this week off by letting my self-care be important.

D) Yoga was so amazing, and I felt so free in my heart and mind that I actually joined in the chanting of Ohm Shanti for the FIRST TIME EVER tonight. (No one will ever say it was in “tune” but it felt great.)

I love this blissed out feeling right now… I Heart Yoga.  I’m going to go make some tea and just enjoy this relaxed feeling until Hubs calls!  Night ya’ll.


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