Bottom Creek Gorge – Nature Conservatory

Sunday afternoon, to beat the heat, we took to the woods.

Bottom Creek Gorge to be exact.  It’s a nature conservatory area, so Theron had to stay home.

We’ve gone on this hike before.  We like it because it’s about 35 minutes from our house, and the drive there is pretty.  I always think someday we’ll do the hike earlier in the day and stop at Ahmrein’s Winery on our way home since we drive right by it, but somehow it never seems appealing when we are drenched in sweat…. Wonder why that is?! 🙂

There are three trails to chose from.  Somehow we started on Yellow (Knight Trail) and then ended up on Red and Blue both on our way back.  And in light of my decision to embrace where I am in the here and now, I am actually posting pictures with me in them.  Even though I hate to do that lately.   Big steps baby, big steps!!

Enjoy, we sure did!


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