Things I “Borrow” from My Husband…

And by borrow… I mean… STEAL!


Have you ever noticed that if you sweat wearing women’s deodorant that you kinda get a cloying sick-sour smell instead of whatever flowery/baby-powdery/girly-fresh smell it originally started with?

Have you also spent the last, oh, 10-15 years of your life putting all shirts/sweaters on rolled halfway up to avoid getting deodorant marks on them?

Well ladies, I have your solution.

Steal your husband’s deodorant.

I did it!  And you can do it too!

I was worried it would smell to manly or strong… but not all the flavors of men’s deodorants are super manly.  A lot just smell fresh and like a strong soap.

I don’t smell like a pile of rotting flowers after I sweat now… Good!

I seem to be less sweaty…. Better!

I don’t have white marks on my shirts… BEST!!!


I used to be a devotee of wire-wrapped women’s razors…  I was convinced it was the only way to avoid shaving disasters.

Then, I ran out of refills, and Hubs had a ton of men’s razors kicking around…

The next logical step was to “borrow” one and hope the shower didn’t look like a bloody massacre (or my legs after for that matter).

And you know what?  I got the best shave ever!  Close, and the blades were sharp enough not to have to press down so much as to nick or cut myself.

Plus, they are cheaper!!

Just don’t steal the one he uses daily (or in Hubs case 2x a week)… they apparently do not like that!

His Fancy Shampoo:

Okay, so my husband’s fancy shampoo isn’t really all that fancy but I LOVE IT.

He uses the Clear Men Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff stuff….  It’s suppppppposed to be an all in one dandruff shampoo… with mint and tea tree oil and all that greatness… But I’ll tell you what… I cleans my hair without stripping it and make it feel fluffy and soft.

I still use the stuff you see below his once or twice a week.  But stealing his fancy and less expensive man-shampoo is helping my more expensive one last longer!  SCORE!!

His T-Shirt from his Frat:

I think I should start by saying that it is beyond me how I married a frat boy.

But he’s got this great t-shirt with the theta chi emblem on the front, and his lucky number on the back…  and it’s at that super soft and comfy point in a t-shirt’s life.

And it’s long enough for a night-shirt.

And it’s his.



So there you have it…

What do you like to “borrow” from your other half???



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