Making the Most of Your Sports Bras – A How To

I’ve always been endowed with the gift of being busty.

Gift should be read as dripping with sarcasm.  Dripping as in like your dog after he’s gotten out of the bath and before you can get a towel on him.

It’s been a source of humiliation, a source of attention (both unwanted and wanted), a source of shoulder and back pain, something I have had to accommodate by contorting myself when working (I think it’s unethical to have any part of your body touch the client other than the arm, forearm, etc that is actually performing the body work.), a source of having to purchase exceedingly expensive regular bras to keep the support system going, and a source of great consternation when it comes to exercise.

For years I would wear 2-3 “regular” sports bras at a time to keep the pain, bouncing, and such to a minimum.  These bras aren’t as expensive, but they are not adjustable.  It’s also not very comfortable to wear that many sports bras at once.  And I still didn’t feel the support was great.

However a year or so ago, Hubs and I were in Dick’s and they had two Fiona jog bras (by Moving Comfort) on the clearance rack…IN.MY.SIZE.  It was like a sign from above.  They are sturdily made, and clip in the back which makes it easier to get into… and… they have adjustable straps!!!!  Obviously those bras were coming home with me!

I kept the older “regular” jog bras to wear under supported athletic tops for yoga, or low impact walks with the dog… but anytime I think I might be a-bouncing… Those bras are my go to!

The problem with that is I sweat.  And with only two of those bras in my rotation, and sweating… That means I am either doing laundry every day, or I use dirty bras that make me break out.


I do this!!

Step 1: Fill sink with lukewarm water and laundry detergent (very little is needed).

Fill with Suds

Step 2: Add sweaty bra; agitate to get the detergent in and the grime out.Soak!

Step 3: Let soak in sink, while you hop in the shower and get the sweat and grime off yourself!

Step 4: After you’re done showering, empty the sink… Rinse the bra.

Step 5: Hang to dry in shower; I usually leave it overnight but sometimes Hubs will move it if he needs the shower before I retrieve it!
There you go!  You have a nice fresh and clean bra the next day to use!

I still do throw this in a regular load of laundry once a week, but it keeps me able to cycle the two bras without feeling gross.  Also, the delicate washing I do is extending the life of the bra!  Double win!


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