Weight Talk Wednesday!

One week into my re-ignited commitment to the 1300 club and I’ve realized something…

I don’t want to do it.

It doesn’t make me mentally happy to have to be starving, and cranky and have to not grab an apple.  And it doesn’t really seem healthy – physically or emotionally.

If I get up, and do P90X, and then run… and then walk the dog twice.  Plus take care of the home and massage… I’m TIRED.  DOG TIRED if I eat only 1300 calories…. And bitchy.  Very bitchy.

I’m one of those people that gets mean and dizzy and stupid when I let my blood sugar go to low…  It is what it is, and I try to avoid it.

To be honest with you…  I don’t want to be creating behaviors at only serve as a means to achieve my goal. I  want to be creating habits to sustain me and my life from this day forward… you know… For my happily ever after.  (Yes that happily ever after is tongue in cheek).

If I’ve learned anything from other’s success is that the “after” is so very difficult too.  Especially for those who adopted those mentalities that they wouldn’t have to worry “after”.  They’d be thin/fit/healthy and that means the problem is solved.  I know if I don’t relearn how to feed myself and take care of myself, this will continue and continue and will not be a forever change at all.

And quite honestly, I am willing to do quite a bit now to make that part easier.

So today I sat down and gave myself new, more realistic guidelines.

I detailed out how much I prefer to eat at each meal without being deprived, and without having to go without, while still being smart and still working to lose weight.

I also added in snacks and drink/treat calories, because I really think those things are important parts of my balance.  If I don’t plan on them, once I have a drink or a treat, it’s a no holds barred treat-fest in my world.  I don’t want it to be that way anymore.  I don’t want think or feel I can’t have a scoop of ice cream, or a glass of wine, or an afternoon snack because I’m starving.

Here’s what I have devised… Does it seem doable?  Sometimes I can’t take off the rose-colored-this-is-soooo-gonna-work glasses!

Breakfast: ~350 Calories

Lunch: ~400 Calories

Dinner: ~500 Calories

Snacks: ~125 Calories

Treats: ~125 Calories

I think that trying to lose weight by eating 1500 calories is a lot closer to reality and to a sustainable amount to eat.  I think that will keep me going because if i had to, I probably could handle that average forever if I had to.  Although I highly look forward to someday intuitively.  Once I find that intuition. 🙂

I worry that eating 1500 means the scale won’t move quickly enough for me to get frustrated.  FINGERS CROSSED!

What do you think?  1500 enough?  Too much?


6 thoughts on “Weight Talk Wednesday!

  1. A few things that I have found helpful in recent months:
    -On My Fitness Pal, there is a group called “Eat More to Weigh Less” with lots of interesting information about metabolism, calories, and weight loss.
    -A book called “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating” by Geneen Roth.
    -Another book: “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

    All of these resources have helped me to address the emotional component of eating and weight loss, and work on behaviors that I can sustain long term. One of the main points that I’ve taken from all 3 of them is that serious deprivation only sets you up for failure. You are more likely to binge, or choose unhealthy foods, or not have the energy to exercise. It can even affect your sleep and how much you move around during the day, therefore sabotaging your weight loss. You end up feeling guilty, or like you’re not doing enough, which just perpetuates the cycle. I think the biggest shift for me has been from feeling the pressure to say no and deprive myself, to a focus on fueling my body with healthy foods. Aiming to get in enough nutrients has made empty calorie foods less tempting. I usually plan my meals based on what will give me the most bang for my buck. The most protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbs for the amount of calories. Don’t get me wrong…I love my sugary foods. I mean, come on, I make chocolates and bake decadent desserts on a regular basis, but I’m feeling much less out of control with the treats. I have them, I enjoy them, and I don’t feel guilty. I’m just not willing to give up that enjoyment! Anyway…your plan seems reasonable as long as you don’t beat yourself up when plans change. You are bound to have days where you feel hungrier for some meals than others, or surprise meals out/treats. I guess the big question is how to have enough of a plan to feel in control, while letting go enough that you can sustain the behavior.

    • I’ll have to check that group out!
      I actually have Inuitive Eating, I read it once when I took it from the library and felt it needed a 2nd read! I’ll have to re-read it soon.
      And I just requested the book by Geneen Roth from the library. 🙂

      You absolutely hit the nail on the head with the rest of it. That is absolutely my goal, I really want to feel like food is more a fuel or a choice, rather than something I am always fighting with.

      “your plan seems reasonable as long as you don’t beat yourself up when plans change” So very true… I hate to change the plans because then I always hear from the husband “But didn’t you try X last year and now you aren’t”… I usually see it as a progression and finding something didn’t work, but I think since he’s never dealt with trying to be at a healthy weight that he just doesn’t get it, and thinks I keep “giving up”.

  2. 1500 is fine for calories but the problem is this: you have to adjust according to whether you do any sort of physical activity AND depending on your muscle you could be burning a lot more than that by just sitting on your butt 😉 myfitpal is nice.

    PS: sorry I didn’t even know you still blogged!

    • I took a while off because I was feeling a little unbalanced and needed to get back to basics and deal with all the leftover anxiety from leaving “the bank”. But now I’m feeling back to normal, so I’m back.

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