Meal Plan – Week of May 20th

One of the best ways that Hubs and I stay focused with our budget is with meal planning.  I plan our meals for the week and create the grocer’s list off of that meal plan.  We generally eat leftovers and/or salads for lunch, and generally either eggs, or oats for breakfast.  I always check the levels on those items when I make the list and then add items needed for the up coming week.

I also try to build-in two meals made from the pantry for those days an undeniable craving hits.  Then I don’t feel poorly about skipping a planned meal, and nothing goes to waste.

I used to have our meal plans go Monday to Monday (with Hubs stopping on his way home on Thursday or Friday for stuff for the weekend meals that would have spoiled between Sunday and the following weekend).

Recently, I decided that since we grocer shop on Sundays (Usually after mass, lately we’ve been missing mass, so it’s been whenever we can on Sunday.), it made the most sense to have our menu plans go Sunday to Sunday.

And since Hubs has b-ball on Thursday night and I get too impatient waiting for him on Friday nights, he’s going to try going to the store Wednesday for our 2nd half of the week fresh stuff.

That’s probably more minutiae about my menu/grocering than you ever hoped for!!

Here’s this week’s menu, in case you want to crash our place around dinner time. 🙂



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