It’s Like Having a Bar in my Kitchen!

Hubs and I have been kicking around getting a kegerator for a couple of years… That decision was made so much easier when I stopped being gluten-free and started enjoying beer again…. (Yes, I know they make gluten-free beer, and that beer is awfully hard to “enjoy”.)

In April, Amazon had a good price on one, and Hubs had quite a bit of Amazon Bux stored up, so we bit the bullet and bought one.

Fast forward to about a week ago… I finally dropped the CO2 tank off to be filled, and we finally decided on buying the cheapest keg Kroger could offer in case something horrible happened when we finally got the keg in… Yes, we bought Keystone Light for $57.99, a full keg. ūüôā ¬†Super savvy, super frugal, and we’re super happy!
Hubs on the Kroger Wine Trail
Sliding the Keg into the Kegerator
Here’s the thing… I’m loving having the kegerator. ¬†I’ve developed this habit of generally wanting half a beer at a time… which means anytime I want a beer, I have to connive Hubs to split one so I don’t waste a half a beer. ¬†This solves that.

BUT… ¬†We’ve got foam. ¬†We’ve got foam so bad I’m starting to be frustrated. ¬†We’re having to pour into a pitcher, place the pitcher in the fridge for a bit to let the foam die down (and stay icy cold) before pouring it into a pint glass.

We’ve adjusted the CO2 pressure, and put the temperature¬†almost as low as it goes… ¬†Still foamy… We’ve googled…

Foamy beer???  CO2 is too high.

Foamy beer???  CO2 is too low.

Foamy beer??? ¬†Keg’s not cold enough.

Can someone please just come here and fix this for us??? ūüôā


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