A Smutty Time in the ROA

Ya’ll, I started this post wicked disappointed.  I took a picture of Hub’s and my first brews last night in their pretty lil Smuttynose pint glasses… but the picture went and disappeared on me!!!  Until I remembered how freakin’ awesome I decided to be… I already uploaded it to Flickr!!!

Blue5 hosted a “Steal the Pint” night… we love hitting these up.  They usually start during happy hour so we get $1-2 off our beers, and we get to take the glasses home with us.  I call that winning.  Also, it gets us out and trying things we would probably not be as apt to try.  We’re pretty budgety (a nice way of saying frugal) so this comes out of our Date Night funds.  We stayed in budget last night which is a good thing… But back to the beers.  We were super lucky and scored seats at the bar there!  That is so very vital to enjoying the night there.  Either that or grabbing an outside table.  We also ran into some guys we regularly run into with this sort of event, and they are always fun to hang out with… their beer knowledge exceeds ours so I love learning from them.  Blue5 had two Smuttynose’s on tap last night… So Hubs and I each had two brews each…  and finished the night off with 10 oz each of Allagash Curieux (Which I kept pronouncing curly-que… Not sure why).
Steal the pint.

Onto the Smut…  We ended up talking to the local Smutty-Rep… so as you can imagine, most of the night the poor guy was picked on about peddling smut.  🙂  I’m sure he’s heard it all before, but it was fun for all of us!

My beer is the one on the left, Hubs’ is on the right.

I started with the Smuttynose Big A IPA.  I’m not the world’s biggest fan of hoppiness (Hoppiness, not happiness 🙂 ), so venturing into the world of any IPA is a crap shoot for me.  This IPA ended up being a really big IPA.  My first impressions were (and yes, I shared this with the Smutty-rep and the distributor) that it tasted just like something my brother-in-law Kevin would brew.  They seemed to think this was a compliment to Kevin…  🙂  I didn’t like this one.  To me it was drinkable, but only just barely.  The hoppiness really overpowered the beer for me… I found it to be very harsh.  Needless to say, Hubs didn’t end up ordering this as his second pint.

I do want to point out that this beer has an ABV of 9.7%… which really “got you right” if that’s what you were going for… or hit you harder than expected if that’s not what you were going for!!  “Get you right” or “Got you right” is a phrase I never heard until moving down south.  To the best of my understanding, that means it gets you good and loaded.  If someone else knows a better definition I would love to know it!

Hubs started with the Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ale.  This one was much tastier… It seemed more well-rounded and balanced out with some malty and caramely tones.  We both got this for our second brew.  I would consider ordering this one again.

This one also had a pretty high ABV…  it was 10.9%…

We finished the night with the Curieux as I mentioned before. That one clocked in at 11% ABV.  I think that this one was the best of the night.  It had lovely vanilla tones and I really enjoy that in a beer lately. 🙂

Okay so you might be wondering why I’m mentioning the ABV’s?  Well, it’s because I HAD.NO.CLUE. about how strong these beers were when we were drinking them.  And this morning the hangover monkey visited me.  I hate that guy!!  It’s still mind-boggling that three beers would get me that umm…right….

So this morning my loving husband drove me and Theron down to the store at the bottom of the hill to get 1/3 of my favorite hangover cure (a Slush Puppy), and then Theron and I took a nice long walk around the hood (that’s 1/3 of the cure as well) and then I came home to finish my trifecta of hangover cures…
Hangover Cure

Yup… you’re reading that right… Midol.  It keeps you from aching, and it has caffeine.. Perfect for times like this… and now, I’m feeling back to normal!!  Which is good news for my filthy house!


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