A wonderful walk and bad news for blogger.

This morning Theron and I took a slightly different route than we normally take, and I ended up with some great pictures to share.  I was so excited to use my (new) Droid to take pictures and upload them…

But Picasa had other plans…  Apparently I have overused my limit of photos they are storing on Picasa.  I can’t delete the ones used on the blog or they will be removed from the blog.

The stop-gap solution was to move everything over to WordPress.  So far, I don’t prefer it.  Not gonna lie… It’s not as intuitive for me, and I hate not being able to alter things like the column widths.

I’m still on the lookout for a good photo editing program, since I had been using picasa for that function.


Theron and I set out for a late walk.  We didn’t head out until about 10 am.  It was a lovely 64* at that point.  Perfect.

It’s sunny and clear, with big puffy white clouds.  It just made me smile to head out in weather like that.  I can’t say enough how much I really and truly love my neighborhood.  It’s super walk-able.  We have great neighbors we can chit chat with.  It’s wicked safe.  And a lot of the dogs have issues like Theron’s so you’re not looked at as weird when you race away from other dogs. 🙂  You can always see packs of kids running around playing (Even during school hours sometimes, because we have quite a few homeschoolers around here).  The neighborhood is predominately homes built from 1940-1960, and are mostly brick.  But are very different from each other and have a lot of character!

Just some images from our perfect walk today… before I dropped him off for my run.

A tree lined stretch of sidewalk… the owners have allowed some cedars to grow so as to make a little tunnel!

Tree Alley

We’re urban foragers lately….  Mulberries a plenty in a few vacant homes.

urban foraging

This is an interesting chimney a few streets over… I’ve never seen one like it… Anyone know if it’s for some special furnace?


From Mr. Black’s “Urban Farm”.  Mr. Black has lived in our ‘hood his entire life, and he’s in his late 80’s.  He still gets out and farms this plot every year.  I swear he gets more food out of that plot than could feed his wife, him and 1-2 families!!



I’m off to pick up the Hubs and go to a “Steal the Pint” Night at Blue 5!!!  Smutty Nose… here we come.


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