World’s Worst Blogger????

I had a fabulous weekend…
Hubs’ employer let him out early Friday, and my evening massage rescheduled, so we had the whole afternoon ahead of us… and promptly wasted it at Kroger.  The highlight was our evening though…We went to Dickens of a Christmas, watched 2.5 numbing hours of a parade, enjoyed wonderful Indian fare at Nawab, and of course… Forgot the camera….
Pretend this was my picture…


Saturday was another great day….  We got up and did some yoga, and had some breakfast.  Then we braved the cold to start Theron (and ourselves) running.  Theron did pretty well, but we had to stop a little sooner than we wanted due to his hip issues.  We enjoyed the rest of the day… Cleaning for her, splitting wood and decorating the outside of the house for him.  And then Hubs took point with cooking dinner.  We had some wonderful dinner guests… and were wowed with tales of espionage, and boogers.  Again, I forgot that I owned a camera… Camera Fail #2.


Sunday we made breakfast (and i got a picture of it!!! WIN FOR ME!) and headed off to Chateau Morrisette for the Holiday Open House.. 30% off a case is enough to motivate anyone!  The drive was gorgeous as it was crisp and clear… and Hubs enjoyed having me drive because usually he gets that job!  It was fun to do the barrel tasting (they open a barrel so you can taste the wine in process) and the “Library” wines.  Plus, we both adore the guy that was at the Library table pouring out the reds.  He’s exceedingly knowledgeable about all the science behind stuff.  We made plans to attend the spring open house he is working at. 🙂  They had some good eats…  Most of it with bacon for flavoring, including some really yummy lima beans.  I know this will come as a surprise, but we totally forgot the camera… again!  CAMERA FAIL #3 of the weekend!  Hubs took his turn reading out loud from The Fellowship of the Ring, for a couple chapters last night.  It’s really getting good, so I think he should skip basketball and stay home to read tonight!!

I think that I am on the ballot for The World’s Worst Blogger 2011.  I always intend to actually write about the weekend as it happens, but then get so caught up in it, I push it aside.  PLUS I stink at using the camera lately.  I’m sure you all agree… Can I count on your vote?  🙂


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