Hot (Mint) Chocolate!

Last night we went to St. Andrew’s Parish Dinner.  Since we recently joined the parish they asked us to be guests at the event… After almost wimping out, we decided to go.  And it was really fun!!

When we walked in, we showed them our special invitation…  and the lady at the table popped up and said “Let me go get Muriel for you”.  Muriel ended up being super sweet and nice.  She even had us sit with her and her crew.  It was really made us feel more comfortable and included that they had a hostess set aside to make us feel that way.  I am not shy and usually can find someone to talk to, and love to spend time with my husband, so even if we had just spent the time the two of us there I still would have enjoyed myself.  But I can imagine someone less extroverted would really have had a better time based on having a hostess to greet them.
So we sat with a table full of 65+ year olds… and even they called me an old lady.  I don’t know if I shared this with you or not, but I really am like an old lady sometimes… I fret a lot, I like to get to bed early… I just don’t carry hard candies in my purse… yet
Once we settled in, and met our meal partners, they showed us where to go to get our dinners.  It was pulled pork with beans and coleslaw.  Not really the kind of thing I’m into these days… but I just decided to bend a little and enjoy the fellowship and to partake in a little of the pork… the beans… and some of the coleslaw… and of course my decaf coffee (more evidence I am secretly 80 years old).  The dinner was served in two lines.  While in line for our eats, I was in front of this super chatty, super friendly woman named Julie who reminded me of my Aunt Sherry… She cracked me up!!!  She even asked us to sit with her, but we already had seats of honor with the welcoming committee, so we had to pass.  I did tell her we’d stop by after.  Sometimes I say that, and I don’t end up following through because I worry someone was just “being nice” and “taking pity” and didn’t really want me to stop over… but I mustered up my courage (again) and we sauntered over after our dining companions all left (they left by 6:30… the meal started at 5:30… they do not mess around at meal time!)  I’m glad we did!!!  At her table sat the homebrewing neighbor from the Hokie Tailgate Party from this past Saturday!  Random right???  It was funny; he kept being so proud of himself for remembering things… Like me being gluten free… and his lady friend kept being like “Yes, Harry, I remember… I wasn’t the drunk one…”  Hil-arious!!!!

We closed the place out with my new friend Julie, her personable boys and Harry and Lynn.  Very nice time. I was fully expecting it to be 8:30 when we got out… So imagine my surprise and delight when it was only 7:15!!!!  Since we rolled into the driveway at 7:30, we excitedly started planning out a few hours of fun.  We realllly didn’t want to turn the TV on… so reading The Lord of the Rings out loud, snuggled up in the living room, on the couch with the tree a-lit and the fur-babies surrounding us seemed just right!!

Does anyone else read out loud with their spouse/family?  We really enjoy this… It’s so nice to be at the same place in a book and to be able to share little jokes about it.  But I mentioned it in front of some friends of ours, and the husband, who’s in mental health, asked if I was “re-parenting” Hubs.  That kinda left a funny taste in my mouth about the whole thing.  I always thought it was normal to read aloud as a family and didn’t see why I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it if it was just Hubs and I… Thoughts?

Anyway… as we discussed our plans, Hubs filled the dishwasher, and I prepared a dessert for Saturday…  We’re having some friends over that evening for dinner, and I had decided to go kinda low key on the desserts…. So I made a quick batch of peppermint bark…  That totally got me in the mood for some hot (mint) chocolate!!!  I have a very very big weakness for chocolate and mint… I used to eat a peppermint patty and an apple for lunch when I worked at SuperValu in high school…. and a Pepsi…  The only survivor of that part of my life to now is the apple! 🙂

We had a some silk mint chocolate soy milk in the fridge, some peppermint syrup in the coffee area and some extra candy canes…  So I created…  And it was so delicious….  And because I’m nice like that… I’m sharing the recipe!!

Hot (Mint) Chocolate
1 1/2 cups Mint Chocolate Soy Milk*
1/2 cup coconut milk*
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/8 cup peppermint syrup
a pinch of salt
2 tbsp maple syrup

Candy canes & Mint Chocolate Marshmallow for garnish

On Low-Medium heat, whisk soy milk through maple syrup until thoroughly combined and heated through.

Pour into mugs, garnish!

Easy.  Simple.  Delicious.

* You could easily substitute any kind of milks for these milks.  I don’t honestly think the silk mint chocolate one really added much mint or chocolate flair to the beverage.


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