Is it just me….

Or do days in December secretly have less hours in them????

I swear we did a ton this weekend, but it never felt like we had enough time to do it all!

Friday night we went to our financial advisor’s holiday party.  We’ve been invited each year since 2008, but this is the first time we didn’t go to Dickens of a Christmas to go to his party.  It was nice because we got to meet his new admin, who was amazing.  Funny, sweet and just our type of person.  We adore her and her husband.  We were also the youngest people there by a decade I think!!  I chose to look at that as us just being proactive in our young age. 🙂  We also scored free coupons for coffee at Cups (a cute little coffee/tea place in the Grandin area) so we enjoyed a cup of decaf and a treat after the party (An everything bagel for him; a vegan, gluten free chocolate covered pb bar for her).  🙂

Saturday morning we took a very nice long walk to the Grandin, and then around the neighborhoods snaking our way back home.

Before racing off to our next exciting adventure, we were able to “winterize” the yard…  Yaks away, tables/chairs stacked and covered… Ready for the snow I don’t think we will see this season…  It was so cute though… Hubs set things up in preparation for snow… “I put the table on it’s side so it doesn’t bend under a big snow”… Can you tell we’re northern transplants??? 🙂  However, the whole winterizing process went much quicker than i expected, thanks to having cleaned out the shed… so we had time to get our Christmas tree!

And we spent the evening watching the Hokies lose. 😦  But it was super nice.. we went to a friend’s house who was having an outdoor tailgate…. complete with grilled foods, a tailgate tent, a blow up Hokie bird, a fire pit, an outdoor TV and access to his neighbors three keg kegerator (and SCORE for me, he also had a bottle of GF homebrew!)  It was the best possible way to see the worst possible game. 🙂

Sunday was a little later starting than we hoped… With the game being a late starter (8:00 pm), we were out too late to hit up the 7:30 am mass on Sunday morning… but we did make it to 9:00 am.  Since it’s Advent, it’s extra busy at church so we were lucky to sit together for how close to the wire we made it there!  One of the cool things about St. Andrews is they have a suspended Advent wreath… It hovers and is so cool.  I’ll try to get a picture when we’re there next week for the St. Lucia Festival.  We also were able to find a St. Francis tag for Theron.  We looked in Italy with no luck, so it was nice to find it close to home. 🙂
We took Theron for his walk, and ate a quick lunch… Then we were off again!
Virginia Mountain Vineyards had their holiday open house… They are a smaller winery out in Fincastle, VA.  They have a fun holiday spice wine we like though!  We got to taste their wines, see the facility and….. make grapevine wreaths!!!!  So much more difficult than it looks.  We added bells to Hubs’ and it made a home for itself over the mantle.  We ended up at Alejandros (for the salsa bar) for dinner.  I will admit that it tasted pretty good, but I had huge regret about spending the money and being lazy.  I just am so frustrated with coming up with dinner ideas and cooking.  I have a little touch of a sinus thing happening, so I’m blaming the lazy-factor on that!
We also were able to hit up the Goodwill next to Alejandros and scored a few pairs of scrubs.  With all this business image and networking and such, the SBA guy and I discussed what I had for a uniform or similar and I settled on scrubs…  I’m taking votes on if that’s good or bad???
Then we finally got down to decorating the house…  We decided not to go overboard this year and are pretty content with the results!  I love the mantle, with Hubs’ wreath!!!

Smores has made a nest in our new wreaths…

Hubs always has light duty

Decorating fuel…  Coconut Egg Nog… TO DIE FOR.

Today’s been a little bit of a bust, I slept in late because i think my lack of sleep is part of why I have that sinus thing goin on…  Back to laundry duty… and to make some meal plans… I think not having a plan is what is making me kinda frustrated with going plant-based and being gluten free…


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