Quinoa… The REAL Breakfast of Champions!

This morning… Feeling motivated by successfully responding to the alarm clock, I used the rice cooker to cook up a big ol’ pot of quinoa while I was working out in the basement home gym.
Oh yes…. your eyes did not just deceive you.  I got up, did some yoga and then rocked (Disclaimer: rocked is a strong word for what actually happened down there… but I think if I spin it positive it’ll be that forward momentum I need) the home gym today.  That means maybe, just maybe, (say a little prayer, cross all your fingers and toes, find some four leaf clovers, wish at 11:11 for me) that I have broken the not getting up and working out trend.

So once I finally finished up my somewhat slow workout, I was able to indulge in my quinoa.  It worked out great to set the rice maker… mine seems to take about 25-40 minutes.  I am sure the water and salt and grain texture all work together to create this huge differential… but I digress….  Either way, I had nice fluffy quinoa this morning!  Topped with craisins, sliced almonds, a little vanilla extract and maple syrup (Vermont Maple of course).  I wish I had remembered I own a camera before devouring it.

I always thought those people who ate grains other than oatmeal for breakfast were a little weird.  But when we went to San Diego a couple years ago for my best friend’s wedding, the only thing they had each day at the hotel was rice… so rice with brown sugar and cinnamon it was.  And it was good, once I switched my paradigm.  Fast forward to a few months ago when I quit my job… well, then suddenly paying $11 for a bag of gluten free oats became too much of a luxury for our budget.  I tried regular oats, and while they are okay for a day or two for me… I definitely can feel myself being less energetic when I eat regular oats, and we certainly can’t afford the GF ones until I can get a better handle on my business.  So grains it is.  Quinoa or quinoa with millet are my current faves… Thank goodness for my Rice Cooker, since it makes preparing them a snap!

Once I finish that lovely mug of coffee you see here with my empty bowl, I’m gonna walk the little furry man.

I find that I have to walk Theron during the day to ensure he gets walked.  I don’t know what’s up with Hubs but he is L.A.Z.Y. once the sun goes down.  He totally buys into the winter hibernation mode!  Last night, I was up the street at a Thirty-One party and I expected to hear all about Theron being such a good boy on his cold walk…. but when I dared to bring it up this morning I found Hubs “forgot” about taking the dog for a walk. 🙂

Alright, I’ve dragged out coffee time as long as humanly possible… Time to walk the dog, and to start cleaning this pigsty.  The pay out…. I get to do more decorating than just throwing this wreath up!!  Hoooray!

Happy Humpday Guys!!


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