I have a subscription to Self Magazine, and there was a really interesting article in it this month, entitled Fight “FOMO”.  I scoured their website to send you there, but alas and alack, i had no luck.  (It’s on page 31, in case you get the ‘zine too)

Here’s the gist if it:
 FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”.
It’s essentially that insecurity/feeling we get when we see our friends getting together without us, or something super cool happening that we miss out on.  (Kinda like being the Blitz if you watched How I Met your Mother last night!!)
The article goes on to say in our social media driven life this seems to be happening more and more.
Especially since people tend to show the happier, most fun, most interesting parts of themselves when I comes to FB, Twitter, Blogs, etc.  I know I do that myself on accident...

The article suggested two things to help combat this feeling:
1) Focusing on reminding yourself that other people might actually envy your social media persona.  It’s a good reminder of how what people chose (consciously/unconsciously) to share is not the full scale of the reality of their life.
2) If using social media makes you feel left out, use it to your advantage.  Throw out the question of who’s up for something fun.  “…and sit back as buddies weigh in with invites.”

#1 I totally dig.  Spot on.  #2 is absolutely not my style, but I wanted to share it in case it was someone else out there’s.

Do you think you keep it real, or you tend to share only the really positive things?

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