I’ve started about 10 posts on how boring I am lately… Which in turn, bored me more…

I will not ask you to suffer through them.  Just know that’s what I have been saving you from when I hit delete instead of publish post.

Everyone survive the holiday weekend?

We did.  Barely.
On actual Turkey day… it was wonderful.  Our friends and their little bundle of joy are so easy, and sweet to have over.  The B.I.L. seemed to enjoy.  It was relaxing and nice.  We rounded the evening out with watching Inception and Food Inc.  Both were very good.  I was pleasantly surprised with Inception.  I am not a Leo fan… but he was good in this.  As was Ellen Page!
Food Inc was also quite something.  After watching Forks over Knives a couple weeks ago, Hubs and I have started the long process of cleaning (Hubs is eating his way through, actually) out the meat, cheese, etc. from our freezer, refrigerator and pantry.  I fully expect him to gain 20 lbs! πŸ™‚  I however, jumped on the bandwagon now and have been mostly doing the vegan thing.  (What do you eat Mindy??? No wheat, rye, barley, oats, diary, meat…. the list goes on and on!!)  I did slip a few times… Thanksgiving, and a couple other times.  It’s okay since we’re slowly moving into the process.  Food Inc reinforced a lot for me, but Hubs vastly preferred Forks over Knives as it answered to the How’s and Why’s of it all.

Either way, I already feel cleaner, lighter, and brighter.  It’s been an easy transfer for me.  When Hubs finally finishes the cheese, it’ll be interesting to see if the cheese drawer refills by “magic”. πŸ˜‰

We kicked around Roanoke on Friday…  Hit up a beer shop for Kevin… Hiked Mill Mountain to the Star… Drove to Radford and went to The River Company…which is a really nice microbrewery/restaurant.  We’ve been twice now, both times with Kevin.  πŸ™‚  We stopped out for a bit on our way home and I realized how old I am.  It’s too hard to stay out after dinner!!!

Saturday was a Hokie game day.  We ended up down the road at Allsports to watch the Hokies and the Nittany Lions (for Kevin).  And then out for a while.

Kevin’s older than both Hubs and I but man…. we can’t keep up with the guy!!!

Sunday we literally could barely get our butts in gear…  We were dragging…  But I did get to catch up on Bones and on The New Girl… I realized after it was like a sister marathon. πŸ™‚

I’m still a little tired today… but itching to put away my “harvest” decor, and rock on with the Christmas gear…  I have seen tons of houses in the ‘hood with their decor inside and out (what… don’t tell me you don’t look inside your neighbors houses on “accident” when you walk the dog at night, I know you do!!!!) and it’s getting me fired up!  Hopefully this weekend.

Anyone else ready to decorate like a fool???


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