This week and this morning Hubs and I have been working to create a Thanksgiving masterpiece to share with our friends and my brother in law.  I am so thankful Kevin made the trek down from Pennsylvania and that J&C are trekking in from Christiansburg.  It brings me such joy and pleasure to have our house filled with people we love when we are so far from our families.

I keep thinking of little pieces and parts of Thanksgivings past and getting a little nostalgic and missing my family in Vermont.
Today I almost started a pot of decaf for dinner… That’s something we did for my late Nammy (grandmother).  It hit me right in the heart, I miss her daily.  
And then that led to more memories from Thanksgiving and other holidays… Like my aunt Lori… She makes the BEST spinach balls around… problem is, I was such a little pain growing up that I never tried them and now I can’t enjoy them because they have gluten!!  
Or how a few years back my aunt Sherry brought rolls for dinner and I put them in the oven in my grandparent’s tenant’s oven, and they burned.  Oy!  I should have realized then me and gluten were not to be!
Or more recently, at Easter, I chuckle to think of my mom trying so hard to make me GF gravy and what an epic fail it was!! It was more like hamish-water.  
Those are just a few examples… Great reminders of the love and joy of holidays with family.  I am so very thankful for those memories.
Thinking of you all up North (And in Cali (Reg, Val, Anne & John)… Sending love your way.
Hope everyone else is enjoying this day of Thanks!

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