Hey ya’ll!!!

It was a blissful low 70’s sort of day here!  It was so nice to wear a short sleeve shirt as I walked around downtown to my appointment today!

I’ve been kinda floundering with my business and marketing.  I didn’t grow up here, and most of the people i know are from The Bank, so my natural network isn’t very large.  I could market until the cows come home but only reach about 20 people that way! 🙂  I’d been under the impression I would have access to the day spa’s database of customers to start communicating with, but I don’t truly trust that to come into fruition.

So last week, as you know, I visited chiropractors offices.  That was a great first step.

But today I did something i wish I had done months ago…  I met with the Director of the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center.  It’s a wonderful (free) resource in the area and this first meeting was very informative.  It was so nice to have someone help me focus and really stop and think about what my business can look like where I am at, and where I want to bring it to.  It was also nice to have someone talk business structure, etc.  I was even assigned homework!!  I meet again with him next Monday.

I do have questions to throw at you guys out there…  What would your ideal setting to receive a massage be???  Help me visual a wonderfully relaxing place!!

Hubs has b-ball tonight, so I’m making dinner early… The spaghetti squash is in the oven now.  I am thinking wilted kale on the side… and a garlic/arugula/white bean mixture served on the spaghetti squash once it’s shredded.  If it’s any good, I’ll (try to remember the measurements) and post tomorrow!!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Monday!


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