30 by 30 -1 month down, 11 to go…


  1. Reach a happy weight.
  2. Hike MacAfee’s Knob/Sharptooth
  3. Make GF Spanakopita
  4. Run 5 miles
  5. Finish Russian Needle Point Project
  6. Complete Spanish Basics book
  7. Take kayak off and put back on car myself
  8. Read 3 new “Classic” books – I borrowed Ben Hur… Is that a classic?
  9. Develop a blog following
  10. Paint dining room
  11. Build massage practice to where I am earning my share consistently
  12. Complete either P90X or 30 Day Shred – I made it through level 1 in 11 days… but then my body begged for a day of rest, which turned into a week.  FAIL
  13. Develop a daily  meditation practice
  14. Volunteer for 2 “things”
  15. Streamline Budget; involve Jon
  16. Train Theron to sit before exterior doorways
  17. Train Theron to stop barking at the mail man
  18. Train Theron to heel while running
  19. Learn how to iron dress pants
  20. Sew curtains for basement
  21. Maintain Emergency Fund
  22. Socialized 2x a month – Check!!  We did a ROSC meet up, and hosted a coffee party!
  23. Have flowers in the house monthly
  24. Get regular hair cuts
  25. Floss 2x daily – So far, so good!
  26. Work-out daily
  27. Visit Charlottesville
  28. Set aside time weekly to connect (with Connie, Lynsi, etc)
  29. Send Christmas and Birthday cards
  30. Weekly in-home facials

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