Priorities, priorities, priorities…

As I mentioned…  I’ve been having some time management issues.
And some issues with priorities…

I promise it wasn’t intentional.  I think with everything falling into line so nicely for me to leave the bank, and start my full time massage career, I kinda thought the hard work was the leap of faith.

Guess what kiddos?  Not so much so.  The potential clients I thought I would have access to with the day spa are not quite accessible.  I have asked time and again, and have mentioned even building a website for them and setting up an email address so I can get the ball rolling.  I find myself crossing my fingers when plans are made for open houses, and special events.

This week I’ve taken things into my own hands… I have reframed the situation and have realized that I will have to start my networking and marketing myself.

This has required a shift in my priorities.

I’ve been working on my household Must Do’s, and my business Must Do’s, and my health Must Do’s before I can play on my blog.  (Sadly, in that order… Someday… Someday my health will come first…)

It’s so very easy to do what you want, instead of what you should.  But this week I have refocused and feel so much accomplishment!

I’m hoping since things feel caught up and sustainable again, and I’m not wasting time reading and writing and playing on the interweb, I can start creating more quality blog posts…

It’s all about the quality baby. 🙂  Quality of work, quality of character, quality of life…


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