November Goals Update

Remember I made some goals for myself for this month?

Something along the lines of….

  • Yoga/Pilates with Hubs right after waking up.
  • 30DayShred
  • Cardio (30 Minutes)
  • Theron Walk at night (Which is really more his training plan than mine 🙂 )
  • Plus a run outside on Wednesday with Theron to start getting him in running shape.

  • I’m just going to go ahead and say that the 30DayShred blew my mind the first few days. I couldn’t walk up stairs without grasping to the banister.  I still walked Theron (Except 1 day when he got a day off for having that hip issue).  However, Theron’s not in running mode until I check with the vet on Wednesday morning, so running with him is off the table for the time being… but when Hubs and I were walking on the Greenway this weekend we decided to TRY to start running together on it in the mornings on the weekends.  Fingers crossed.

    That being said, I have at minimum practiced yoga, shredded and walked the dog each day (excluding his day off).  

    And this morning I did more than that minimum…  This morning I practiced yoga, shredded, ran on the treadmill, and will be walking Theron in a bit.

    So far the goals for November seem a little loftier than I expected but manageable.

    What else have I been up to on this GORGEOUS Monday?

    Oh, you know… 

    Picking up the house, making a TRIPLE batch of Lemon Currant Biscotti, doing some laundry, avoiding ironing Hubs’ work shirts, putting together a small media packet for a local lactation specialist for pregnancy massage, having lunch out on the deck with my handsome men… and enjoying the cleaned up backyard view!  Oh and streaming Led Zepp… Yes, I love the Led.  It’s true.  

    We added that pathway yesterday and I love it.  Feels like it’s a pathway to adventure!

    Not too shabby for a Monday!

    I can’t stop feeling so happy and like leaving the bank was so.freakin.right for me.  I really feel like I’m a different person.  I don’t know exactly how to verbalize it.  I’m just content, and crappy things don’t feel like the end of the world.  It’s an amazing place to be.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  To the universe, and to my husband.  And to myself… for taking the chance in honoring my needs and wants, and taking a leap of faith towards happiness and feeling fulfilled.


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