B*tch Session

Random right… My last post ended thankful for my life…  a couple hours later I’m having a complaint?!?

So here’s the deal… If you let me walk all by myself, I’ll start thinking.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Tonight I figured out the exact color I want to paint our shed.  Sometimes it’s not, because it gives time to think through all the junk in my head and end up seeing what keeps getting to the bottom of the pile (aka, what I’m avoiding).

So here’s what I found at the bottom of the junk pile.
I went into banking/theworldofnumbers because it was a traditional, solid, dependable, respectable arena.  It helped that I wasn’t bad at it.  I always worked your traditional 9-5, plus OT on nights/weekends.  Sometimes more OT, sometimes less.  But it was traditional schedule.  Predictable.

When I left the bank at the end of the month of September, it wasn’t to pursue another “traditional” route.  Instead it was to pursue a career in massage therapy…. a path that I feel compelled to pursue.  I no longer have a constant or consistent paycheck.  I don’t have the same hours from day to day (I have a set schedule, but clients schedule when they want in those hours.  Since I live 2 minutes drivetime and 17 minutes walktime away, I come home between clients.).  It’s far from what has been expected.  And I like it more than I thought I would!  I have gotten so much more accomplished at home, and am so much happier.

So here’s the rub…
If I hear another person say…
….Since Mindy doesn’t work anymore…
….Since Mindy doesn’t have a job….
….Since all she has to do is show up and rub somebody…
I swear I will blow a gasket!!  (Variations on that same theme also apply)

Newsflash!!  I am a self-employed small business owner.  I have to market myself.  I have to be accountable for bringing business in.  I have my books/accounting to do.  I have to get myself into and stay in great shape as my career path is very physically demanding.  I have to maintain/update my website.  I have to review and decide how to handle potential promotions, discounts, etc.  I do have continuing education to go to.  I do have CARE notes, and client logs to fill out.  I have a lot that to do beyond showing up and just performing the massage aspect.

Also while I’m in b*tch mode…
No, I don’t make $65 an hour.  Yes, that is my hourly rate, but from that… I do have to pay for rent, product, laundry etc. out of that.  And I do have to pay the government a full 25% of what I make right off the bat as “Self Employment Tax”.  Oh and then after all that comes out, I still have to put some away for retirement, and for insurance.
And by the way, it’s not an hours wroth of work.. I make the space warm and pretty before the client arrives, and then I strip the sheets, clean up the room to make it sanitary for someone else.  And I take detailed CARE notes.  And the list goes on.

So yes… Mindy does still work… Mindy does still need time beyond just showing up for a massage.

B*tch Session Ended…. I think….


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