Finally – A Clean House

Well, more like this close:

All I have to do is fluff a couple comforters and I have two more loads of laundry to process.
Then I’m home free.

I can’t get over how long it’s taken me to get focused on getting my house back together since mom has left.  I know it’s only been since Sunday… but I had such a good rhythm going before her visit that I had hoped to jump right back to it… Like as of Monday morning.

I have had dusting and vacuuming on my to do list each day this week.
Today I finally did it!!

The difference was that I actually got up (almost) on time.  I did a lil yoga, and then didn’t avoid Jillian like the plague got right to the Shred.  It might have helped that I talked Hubs into trying it with me this morning.

The kitchen is clean and back in order.
The bathrooms are clean.  The floors are fur-free.
The beds are remade.  With nice good smelling sheets.  The comforters will be fluffed as soon as I post this.  I’m a happy girl.  This happy girl also has a pork loin in the crock pot and some beans soaking to get the overnight crock pot treatment.

Tomorrow Hubs has said he will do whatever I want if. he can watch some football game at 8PM.  Ummm yah buddy, you sure can…  Here’s your list… 🙂

  • Mow leaves
  • Chop/Split wood
  • Create walkway in back yard with leftover 4X4 timbers from when the old fence came down
  • Install several new outlets
  • Design and possibly start on shelves in kitchen (We have an old doorway that we’re going to put several shelves in, ’cause right now it just looks odd!)

Since I plan to run him ragged take him up on that offer I thought I’d be a nice wife and make him some pork chili to eat while he watches his little game.  I mean, after all he’ll be working from when we get up straight until the game hard all day….  Hope it’s a good game for his sake!!

Yesterday, I avoided cleaning by heading out to KMart, Lowes and Home Depot.  Part of the problem with Theron’s hips is that we have hardwood floors.  He kinda slips on the stairs, especially where they twist.  And he slips a little when jumping off our overly tall bed.  The remedy was to put these pretty rugs on either side of the bed, and to get stair tread rug things.

Which meant I had to pick the treads up to swiffer the stairs today.  ğŸ˜¦  Oh the things we do for love.

So worth it!!

Hubs asked me what I want to do after we walk the dog and make pizza for dinner…  Neither of us were quire sure, so it’s up in the air!!  Happy Friday.


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