The BEST make-up

Isn’t make up at all!!

Lately, my skin looks so bright, I feel like I don’t even need make up.

My cystic acne is gone.  My blackheads are gone.  My wrinkles are less noticeable.  My eyes look bright and fresh.  My skin looks new and happy… Not red, not blotchy, not dry, not oily, just normal.

I would attribute that to:

  • Stress reduction (30%)
  • Exercise (50%)
  • Eating less/better of what my body wants (15%)
  • Better skin care/taking time to really cleanse each night (5%)

I look like a healthier 20 year old version of myself…  Okay, more like 26 year old… but a girl can dream… instead of a 29 year old version.


Or is the insanity that I never truly realized the impact of those factors instead of MaxFactor???  (:) I’m such a little nerd).

Either way, it totally makes my day!


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