Doggie Doctor!

Well, Mr. Theron’s visit went a little different than I’d have preferred.
I assumed they would say “Let’s check for Lyme, but I bet he’s got a cold”.
Instead they found he has some possible arthritis happening and some hip dysplasia… with a “bone mouse”.  It’s a computer mouse shaped piece of bone in loose in the joint that is causing him pain.  The body should reabsorb it in a week or so.  But it can happen again.  The breathing problem was the indicator of him being in pain. 😦  Poor little hero!!
Short Term: Theron’s on Doggie Liquid Tylenol, and took a day off of walking yesterday.
Long Term: We have to keep him from too much chasing (the cutting while running isn’t awesome for his hips), keep him trim (Doggie Diet Part Duex), put him on Glucosamine Chondrotin, keep him very fit (strengthen around his hips) and generally watch it.

I know this isn’t a huge deal and happens to a lot of dogs… but Theron’s my little guy!!  So Hubs and I are setting his minimum daily walks at 30 minutes.  And he won’t be running with me anytime in the near future while he’s healing up.

I’m gonna use all my doggiemommy skills to make me as healthy as a horse (he kinda prances like one anyway).

Yesterday, after being at the vet for over an hour… then eating… then letting digestion happen, I finally dragged my butt upstairs to my bedroom to make myself Shred.  And then proceeded to spend the next two and a half hours avoiding doing the Shred rearranging our bedroom 5 times.  Then I realized if I was able to rearrange the bedroom, moving our bed, and three bureaus around, I couldn’t really excuse myself from doing the Shred.  So I had a little snack, did some yoga to stretch out and hit it!  It was killer, but I felt better for having done it.

I also cleaned the kitchen and made dinner.  Black beans (I had soaked them Monday during the day in the stoneware part of my slow cooker, and then drained them, filled it back up with water and seasonings and slow cooked them on low overnight, so easy, so good, so cheap!!) with diced tomatoes, over a millet/quinoa blend… Topped with bacon and guac.
The evening was rounded out with NCIS…  decaf coffee and Lemon Currant Biscotti.  🙂

Yah, I live on the wild side.

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