Confession time, again…
Jillian made me walk up and down the stairs today like an 85 year old woman and I tried to tell Hubs that I obviously I needed to do every other day… I got some kind of non-committal response.  I tried the “But I need strength to massage”… He shot back with…. Well why don’t you call Jillian and ask her what she thinks.

So after Theron’s last minute 10:00 am vet appointment… I’m going to pop Jillian in the ol’ DVD player.

I swear this is worse than double sessions for pre-season field hockey.  Which totally tells me I haven’t been pushing myself at all with my workouts for a while.

So I introduce to you, my November training plan

  • Yoga/Pilates with Hubs right after waking up.
  • 30DayShred
  • Cardio (30 Minutes)
  • Theron Walk at night (Which is really more his training plan than mine 🙂 )
  • Plus a run outside on Wednesday with Theron to start getting him in running shape.

It’s gonna hurt soooooooo good. 🙂  Hedonic.

Off to get Theron’s breathing checked out… I was up with him for two and a half hours last night because he was struggling to breathe and then breathing so shallow I thought he passed away on me.  If you know me at all, you know that dog is literally my whole world…  So… yah, I sat up and just made sure he was okay.  I’m hoping it is a sinus thing or a cold….  I’m still worried about that stupid tick on his ear though.  Let’s hope the vet can help us!


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