Quinoa… The REAL Breakfast of Champions!

This morning… Feeling motivated by successfully responding to the alarm clock, I used the rice cooker to cook up a big ol’ pot of quinoa while I was working out in the basement home gym.
Oh yes…. your eyes did not just deceive you.  I got up, did some yoga and then rocked (Disclaimer: rocked is a strong word for what actually happened down there… but I think if I spin it positive it’ll be that forward momentum I need) the home gym today.  That means maybe, just maybe, (say a little prayer, cross all your fingers and toes, find some four leaf clovers, wish at 11:11 for me) that I have broken the not getting up and working out trend.

So once I finally finished up my somewhat slow workout, I was able to indulge in my quinoa.  It worked out great to set the rice maker… mine seems to take about 25-40 minutes.  I am sure the water and salt and grain texture all work together to create this huge differential… but I digress….  Either way, I had nice fluffy quinoa this morning!  Topped with craisins, sliced almonds, a little vanilla extract and maple syrup (Vermont Maple of course).  I wish I had remembered I own a camera before devouring it.

I always thought those people who ate grains other than oatmeal for breakfast were a little weird.  But when we went to San Diego a couple years ago for my best friend’s wedding, the only thing they had each day at the hotel was rice… so rice with brown sugar and cinnamon it was.  And it was good, once I switched my paradigm.  Fast forward to a few months ago when I quit my job… well, then suddenly paying $11 for a bag of gluten free oats became too much of a luxury for our budget.  I tried regular oats, and while they are okay for a day or two for me… I definitely can feel myself being less energetic when I eat regular oats, and we certainly can’t afford the GF ones until I can get a better handle on my business.  So grains it is.  Quinoa or quinoa with millet are my current faves… Thank goodness for my Rice Cooker, since it makes preparing them a snap!

Once I finish that lovely mug of coffee you see here with my empty bowl, I’m gonna walk the little furry man.

I find that I have to walk Theron during the day to ensure he gets walked.  I don’t know what’s up with Hubs but he is L.A.Z.Y. once the sun goes down.  He totally buys into the winter hibernation mode!  Last night, I was up the street at a Thirty-One party and I expected to hear all about Theron being such a good boy on his cold walk…. but when I dared to bring it up this morning I found Hubs “forgot” about taking the dog for a walk. 🙂

Alright, I’ve dragged out coffee time as long as humanly possible… Time to walk the dog, and to start cleaning this pigsty.  The pay out…. I get to do more decorating than just throwing this wreath up!!  Hoooray!

Happy Humpday Guys!!


Ut oh Chocolate… Is it time to go?

I just made a snackerific afternoon snack…  I wanted something sweetish, but not too over the top.  First thought was fruit.. but then I spied a box of corn check (gluten free!!) in the basement and viola!
Corn chex, shredded coconut, craisins, almond slices and chocolate chips….  with coconut milk of course!
And the chocolate chips were too sweet and kinda ruined it.

Uh, yah…. I just said that the chocolate chips were too sweet… do I have to say 10 Our Fathers now???

That is all.

Just wanted documentation of this first ever event. 🙂


I have a subscription to Self Magazine, and there was a really interesting article in it this month, entitled Fight “FOMO”.  I scoured their website to send you there, but alas and alack, i had no luck.  (It’s on page 31, in case you get the ‘zine too)

Here’s the gist if it:
 FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”.
It’s essentially that insecurity/feeling we get when we see our friends getting together without us, or something super cool happening that we miss out on.  (Kinda like being the Blitz if you watched How I Met your Mother last night!!)
The article goes on to say in our social media driven life this seems to be happening more and more.
Especially since people tend to show the happier, most fun, most interesting parts of themselves when I comes to FB, Twitter, Blogs, etc.  I know I do that myself on accident...

The article suggested two things to help combat this feeling:
1) Focusing on reminding yourself that other people might actually envy your social media persona.  It’s a good reminder of how what people chose (consciously/unconsciously) to share is not the full scale of the reality of their life.
2) If using social media makes you feel left out, use it to your advantage.  Throw out the question of who’s up for something fun.  “…and sit back as buddies weigh in with invites.”

#1 I totally dig.  Spot on.  #2 is absolutely not my style, but I wanted to share it in case it was someone else out there’s.

Do you think you keep it real, or you tend to share only the really positive things?

I’ve started about 10 posts on how boring I am lately… Which in turn, bored me more…

I will not ask you to suffer through them.  Just know that’s what I have been saving you from when I hit delete instead of publish post.

Everyone survive the holiday weekend?

We did.  Barely.
On actual Turkey day… it was wonderful.  Our friends and their little bundle of joy are so easy, and sweet to have over.  The B.I.L. seemed to enjoy.  It was relaxing and nice.  We rounded the evening out with watching Inception and Food Inc.  Both were very good.  I was pleasantly surprised with Inception.  I am not a Leo fan… but he was good in this.  As was Ellen Page!
Food Inc was also quite something.  After watching Forks over Knives a couple weeks ago, Hubs and I have started the long process of cleaning (Hubs is eating his way through, actually) out the meat, cheese, etc. from our freezer, refrigerator and pantry.  I fully expect him to gain 20 lbs! 🙂  I however, jumped on the bandwagon now and have been mostly doing the vegan thing.  (What do you eat Mindy??? No wheat, rye, barley, oats, diary, meat…. the list goes on and on!!)  I did slip a few times… Thanksgiving, and a couple other times.  It’s okay since we’re slowly moving into the process.  Food Inc reinforced a lot for me, but Hubs vastly preferred Forks over Knives as it answered to the How’s and Why’s of it all.

Either way, I already feel cleaner, lighter, and brighter.  It’s been an easy transfer for me.  When Hubs finally finishes the cheese, it’ll be interesting to see if the cheese drawer refills by “magic”. 😉

We kicked around Roanoke on Friday…  Hit up a beer shop for Kevin… Hiked Mill Mountain to the Star… Drove to Radford and went to The River Company…which is a really nice microbrewery/restaurant.  We’ve been twice now, both times with Kevin.  🙂  We stopped out for a bit on our way home and I realized how old I am.  It’s too hard to stay out after dinner!!!

Saturday was a Hokie game day.  We ended up down the road at Allsports to watch the Hokies and the Nittany Lions (for Kevin).  And then out for a while.

Kevin’s older than both Hubs and I but man…. we can’t keep up with the guy!!!

Sunday we literally could barely get our butts in gear…  We were dragging…  But I did get to catch up on Bones and on The New Girl… I realized after it was like a sister marathon. 🙂

I’m still a little tired today… but itching to put away my “harvest” decor, and rock on with the Christmas gear…  I have seen tons of houses in the ‘hood with their decor inside and out (what… don’t tell me you don’t look inside your neighbors houses on “accident” when you walk the dog at night, I know you do!!!!) and it’s getting me fired up!  Hopefully this weekend.

Anyone else ready to decorate like a fool???

This week and this morning Hubs and I have been working to create a Thanksgiving masterpiece to share with our friends and my brother in law.  I am so thankful Kevin made the trek down from Pennsylvania and that J&C are trekking in from Christiansburg.  It brings me such joy and pleasure to have our house filled with people we love when we are so far from our families.

I keep thinking of little pieces and parts of Thanksgivings past and getting a little nostalgic and missing my family in Vermont.
Today I almost started a pot of decaf for dinner… That’s something we did for my late Nammy (grandmother).  It hit me right in the heart, I miss her daily.  
And then that led to more memories from Thanksgiving and other holidays… Like my aunt Lori… She makes the BEST spinach balls around… problem is, I was such a little pain growing up that I never tried them and now I can’t enjoy them because they have gluten!!  
Or how a few years back my aunt Sherry brought rolls for dinner and I put them in the oven in my grandparent’s tenant’s oven, and they burned.  Oy!  I should have realized then me and gluten were not to be!
Or more recently, at Easter, I chuckle to think of my mom trying so hard to make me GF gravy and what an epic fail it was!! It was more like hamish-water.  
Those are just a few examples… Great reminders of the love and joy of holidays with family.  I am so very thankful for those memories.
Thinking of you all up North (And in Cali (Reg, Val, Anne & John)… Sending love your way.
Hope everyone else is enjoying this day of Thanks!

Small Business Saturday

I’m sure you guys have all seen that whole “Small Business Saturday” thing.  The first few times I saw it…  I kept thinking “aww that’s so sweet for small businesses”… Then it hit me… I’m a small business!!
I’m a small business owner!

I’m not going to lie… That makes me giddy, and giggly, and makes me blush at all once!

Never did I dream this would be my life.  I had hoped, that, in worst case scenario I could fall back on massage if TheBank let me go… and I had day dreamed I would be the one letting them go… But it didn’t quite seem real.

Now it is real.

I am so thankful, and so humbled in my thankfulness.  Each day is more amazing, and I’m so proud of my business and where it is going.

So go out and buy a massage from someone local Saturday… You might just make their day and make it seem like it’s all going to work out…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We will be spending the day with my brother in law Kevin, and our friends Christy, Justin and baby Ronan.  With a ham, and a turkey… Some wild rice and some stuffing (that Hubs is making)… Probably some gravy… Two (count ’em two) kinds of cranberry sauce… A delicious sounding greens dish… Butternut squash soup… And crustless pumpkin pie!!!

I hope each and every one of you is blessed with a joyful and happy holiday!  LOVE!!!

Hey ya’ll!!!

It was a blissful low 70’s sort of day here!  It was so nice to wear a short sleeve shirt as I walked around downtown to my appointment today!

I’ve been kinda floundering with my business and marketing.  I didn’t grow up here, and most of the people i know are from The Bank, so my natural network isn’t very large.  I could market until the cows come home but only reach about 20 people that way! 🙂  I’d been under the impression I would have access to the day spa’s database of customers to start communicating with, but I don’t truly trust that to come into fruition.

So last week, as you know, I visited chiropractors offices.  That was a great first step.

But today I did something i wish I had done months ago…  I met with the Director of the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center.  It’s a wonderful (free) resource in the area and this first meeting was very informative.  It was so nice to have someone help me focus and really stop and think about what my business can look like where I am at, and where I want to bring it to.  It was also nice to have someone talk business structure, etc.  I was even assigned homework!!  I meet again with him next Monday.

I do have questions to throw at you guys out there…  What would your ideal setting to receive a massage be???  Help me visual a wonderfully relaxing place!!

Hubs has b-ball tonight, so I’m making dinner early… The spaghetti squash is in the oven now.  I am thinking wilted kale on the side… and a garlic/arugula/white bean mixture served on the spaghetti squash once it’s shredded.  If it’s any good, I’ll (try to remember the measurements) and post tomorrow!!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Monday!