Happy 30th Ashley!!

I’m that kinda good friend who posts TO.THE.WORLD when something monumental, like… oh say… your 30th birthday occurs… No need to thank me Ash… You’re welcome! 🙂

Ashley sent me a text Tuesday, which I didn’t get until Wednesday seeing what I was up to (asked on Tuesday for Wednesday), I didn’t get in time, so she asked on Wednesday about Thursday.  I couldn’t believe my luck!!  Ashley’s birthday is one week after mine, although she was born a year (Okay technically a year minus a week) before I was!

This morning after I did my exercising (yoga, walking Theron, strength training) and got my house in order, the Mother unit and i went out to get fruit and cheese to have for snacking… while we drank Sangria (great idea mom!!) with Ashley to celebrate her milestone!!

What a happy and young looking 30 year old!!

My mom almost hid out of view. 🙂  

Ashley and I drinking her birthday wine and me wearing the pretty scarf she got me for my birthday.

XOXO Ashley!!  To a wonderful year ahead.  I’m so glad I was able to help celebrate the birth of such a wonderful, strong and inspiring woman!

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