The Patented Puking Cat Alarm Clock

Smores decided to get sick at 6:18am today.

Which was just the incentive Hubs and I needed to get out of bed instead of nesting deeper.

We got up, practiced some yoga, did some pilates… I hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes (I ran about 10 of it before my busted ankle screamed bloody murder) and finished up on the bike.

I’ve had an all business-all day sort of day.

Birthday Tulips!

  • I got my household chores done. (Garbage duty, re-vasing my birthday flowers, composting, dishes, dishes, dishes, laundry, cleaned out the fridge, scooped/replaced Smores’ litter… which could be why she was puking this morning… it was grooooody!)
  • I took a walk with Theron and Mother.
  • I had lunch with Mother and Husband, the later of which stole my iced coffee… In which I used the last of the coconut milk, and left me with his inferior cow-milk style one.  Now he got to drink mine, and his when he gets home.  What a flim-flam artist!!
  • Did all of my books on Quickbooks from 1/1/11 to current.
    • Does anyone know how to use Quickbooks better than me?
      • What is the purpose of a journal entry?  I have been told to use one to document when I had to put stuff on my credit card as a “loan” earlier this year.
      • How would you document purchasing massage cream, to then have the Day Spa reimburse you?
    • End of questions. 🙂
  • Now I’m getting ready to be dropped off at work; I have an hour long massage scheduled (to give, sadly… not to receive 🙂 )
I’m not saying that all this efficiency came from the puking cat alarm clock… but it’s awfully interesting how it started my day off on the right foot!!
Theron, relaxin


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