We are still sleeping in…

Every day since ohhh… I don’ know… I left the bank….
At first we were only sleeping in a little, and I was still getting up and exercising… in the morning, a little later while walking Theron, and walking to work…
But with mom here to hang out with… that’s been taking priority.

Happy for Mom-time, disappointed in me for not finding/making time to workout.

Also, I have been letting being achy, or tired, or gluteny be excuses not to work out…

I keep forgetting there are people like this who work out even with a broken foot…  I really am letting those things be my easy out.  Which, in the long run makes my health harder to achieve.

Easy now, more work later.

What a pisser!!!
Plus, during my last minute massage (they didnt’ call me ahead of time to let me know it was scheduled, thank goodness I had that little thought in my head that I should be prepared in case)… I really thought about how to be the best I can be in my career, I have to put my health in the forefront to be stronger and to maintain better body mechanics…

I’m going to go see if I can talk the Mothership Mother unit into a walk on this glorious 75 degree fall day!!!  FINGERS CROSSED! 🙂


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