Birthday Week(+ Weekend) Recap!

Birthday was good!!!
I got a box of books for $3! (And so did Hubs when I requested he stop after work. )
Moms and I got to read quite a bit… she brought some JD Robb books she had borrowed from my aunt and we plowed through them pretty good.  That Eve Dallas…. suckers me in. 🙂

For lunch Mother brought me out to Montano’s… and it was good… we also hit up Kroger (which, I might add, we’ve done AT LEAST daily since Mother’s been to town)
We had scallops wrapped in prosciutto, risotto (mushrooms, garlic, onion, spinach, Romano), and squash.  With TJ’s GF brownies with toasted coconut gelato (and chocolate sauce of course) for my “cake’.

And the most glorious thing happened…  I got two things I really really wanted!!
1) An iced coffee cup for the keurig.  I’ve been coveting Hubs’ for a LONG time!

That my friends is the one and only furminator.  ðŸ™‚  It’s able to clear out fur like no body’s business!!!  Theron is very excited as well (Thanks Mom and Sister).
Friday morning was a lot of massage related stuff in the morning….
I’m getting stumped on marketing ideas… anyone out there have any????
And of course, we hit up both Kroger (seriously, daily) and Dunkin Donuts…
I almost beat my mom at Boggle while we waited for the Handsome Husband to arrive home from work.  Dinner was RIBS!!!!
I eat more meat when I’m around my family… this is indisputable… and my tummy is not happy with me!!
I also play a lot more WII!!!  So that does make me happy.  Even when my mom wins… both times we play Jeopardy.

Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day in VA!!
We live 1.7 miles from Valhalla Vineyards… and until yesterday, had never visited the winery.  I was worried about if my mom would like it as she doesn’t like red wines… but it was something to do, and was on Hubs’ and my “To Do Someday” list…

It was amazing.  The views were to die for.  Valhalla means heaven on earth… and with views like this… I can’t disagree!!
Their wines were better than I expected.
My mom loved the Viognier…

We shared a bottle after the tasting, and she snagged one to cart back to Vermont.  It was crisp, but not sweet. I always expect wines my mom likes to be somewhat sweet.  She tricked me with this one! 🙂
We really enjoyed most of the reds…
We brought home their Norton and their 2005 Cabernet Sauv.

It’s crazy to me the different flavors from year to year!!  We sampled the 2001 Cab Sauv and we liked it okay, but the 2005… wow!!
The Norton is super cool, due to the area they grow in (decomposing granite, weather, etc) they are able to grow these grapes naturally organically.  Very nice!

We stopped by the Wine Gourmet, the beautiful Vanessa was pouring out for the benefit of The Children’s Miracle Network.  We were super hungry so we didn’t stick around as long as we’d have liked, and since we just purchased two bottles at Valhalla, that was probably a good idea!!!  We hit up Baja Bistro… it’s like a local company doing the Moe’s or Chipolte thing.  We have hear nothing but bad press about the new Chipolte at Towers, so we stick with Baja.

We hightailed it home to watch the Hokies play!  They, thankfully, won.  I hate it for Hubs when they don’t.  He gets so sad!!!

It was a whirlwind weekend!!

Today’s mostly relaxing, Hubs just started his own blog… so show that handsome guy some love!!!

Up later… I’m jumpin on the birthday bandwagon of setting goals to achieve by the next year.   Yes, I realize like every blogger does that, but it’s a great idea…  That’s why it keeps happening!!


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