Hubs made me Happy Birthday morning cappuccinos!

We did not get up for my birth moment (ala Michael Scott on The Office), which was kinda a bummer.  My ankle’s still giving me trouble, so I was kinda hoping there’d be some birthday magic and I’d wake up this morning and it’d be right as rain.  😦  I wanted to get up, yoga, pilates and either walk T or spend a bit on the bike.  Instead… I slept.  L-A-Z-Y.

Today the only objectives thus far are:

  • Book Sale…  The County’s HQ library is having their $3 fill your box with books sale… I realize that sounds dirty, I hope it’s not!
  • Kroger for dinner scallops
  • Have phone on me all day awaiting Connie (The BFF)’s call.
Happy Thursday!!

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