Miss me?? Yup, I thought so…. :)

Mi mama has been in town….  She arrived Sunday evening….

We went to El Toreo (cousin of El Rodeo) on Sunday evening when she arrived (with a record breaking 11h45m drive).

Monday we puttered around…  Went around and got stamping stuff so we could make some cards, grabbed lunch, that sort of thing.

Yesterday, I had a chair massage gig at my salon, provided 15 minute chair massages for those poor overworked girls!!
And…. mother unit and I got more stamping stuff… had more lunch out… Chillaxed and then made a really really great GF pizza.

Today’s been low key again…  I think we’re making soup and using those stamping goods to make some cards!!!

It’s Mindy’s Birthday Eve… my mom always comes down for my birthday…  So tomorrow, who knows what is on tap… but I do know one thing….  The library is having it’s $3 for a box of books sale, so my tush will be there.  Nice of them to schedule that on my b-day don’t you think? 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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