Don’t Tell Uncle Bobby….

My uncle Bob is a appliance guru….  His business is Bobby’s Appliance Repair… Trust me, I looked for a link to link you to him… However, it apparently doesn’t exist!! (What’s up with that Bob? 🙂 )

So it would probably disappoint him to great length to read what is coming next…. Thankfully, I think only my sister, my mother and occasionally my husband read my blog (within the family)… So I should be in the clear.

We’ve pulled the fridge out and cleaned behind it before… mostly because our ice maker had a little leak coming from the hose in…. Our solution was to shut off the water and buy ice.  Yes.  Frugal, cheapo us buy ice.

I realize the better solution might be to just get the stinkin thing fixed…  but I digress.

I thought i heard it dripping the other day.  I was dead wrong, but it did provide me with an opportunity for Hubs to pull out the fridge and for me to get my vacuum on behind it.

Now to the biggest confession/disappointment…

I’ve never cleaned an oven out before.

I had no clue how to… so I have been putting it off…. for years.

The stupid thing was smoking when you’d preheat the broiler, so I knew this couldn’t go on any longer.

Plus it’s sad when boys are taunting you about not cleaning out your oven (You were right Tim, it was easy).

The best attempt I have at a “before” picture…. look at the crap at the bottom of the oven…

So Friday night i sprayed the ever loving crap out of the inside of the oven.

I let it sit.

Until about 3:30 yesterday.  I only really made myself tackle it because I thought that was the only way to have delicious pizza with the Hokie game…

OMG was it easy!!!

It just wiped right down and off.  That baby is CLEAN now…  I mean seriously mysteriously clean.

I was so MAD at myself for putting it off…

Now, Uncle Bobby can come back to visit…  and i won’t have to hide my appliances from him… just as soon as Hubs cleans out the dryer hose.


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