Cellar Door – October 2011 Edition

You guys probably thought I was just going to breeze over any follow up on the Cellar Door right?
You probably guessed that I was clumsy and scared to use the camera in a crowd, so there were no pictures…. you probably though that meant no write up…

If that’s what you thought…  You though wrong!!

The market building in Roanoke is a “historic” place.  The city spend millions of dollars to renovate it.  Before renovation the building had a few stores on the outside, and was a food court type of deal on the inside.  It had a 2nd level to sit up top and eat your lunch at.  It was nice, but a little crowded around lunch time.

Now, It looks almost the same but has room for less vendors (inside) it seems.  Both Hubs and I can not, for the life of us, understand why it took so very long to complete, or cost so much in the way of tax payer money.  If someone knows, and can shed light… Please, I beg of you to do so.

As you can see there were more wineries and vendors than last time

We started with Foggy Ridge Cider
They were sampling three of their ciders; First Fruit, Serious Cider and Sweet Stayman.
They were all sort of malic acid tasting.  Mostly a weak sour/tart taste.  Nothing too impressive.  I’ve gotten Sweet Stayman by the glass at Local Roots and it is wonderful there.  A light, fruity and crisp delight.  When we purchase it to have at home, or sample it at wine events, we are always very disappointed.

Our second stop was Virginia Mountain Vineyards.
They were (quickly) tasting out 7 wines.  I felt pushed and rushed.  I didn’t get to taste things as much as I wanted to.  Thankfully I’ve had their wines before, but for how rushed I felt, I would have definitely chose not to purchase a bottle even if they had been amazing.
They were pouring their: chardonnay, cab franc, Merlot, Traminette, acacia gold, Virgina white, Virgina red and Holiday Spice.
Most of them were not very complete or complex tasting.  The Virginia red was a decent red sweet wine, as it wasn’t syrupy.  Their traminette is interesting as it’s a dry one, but again, not very complex.  Sort of flat tasting.  I like my wines to unfold a story as I taste them. πŸ™‚

After that we checked out Chocolate Paper’s Booth.  They have a great chocolate selection and cute little impromptu gifts.  I love their store, it’s where we first tried a bacon chocolate bar which inspired my bacon fudge recipe!

The last establishment pouring on that side of the building was Blacksnake Meadery.
I honestly think mead is an acquired taste.  I can appreciate the merits of it, and find I like a few meads, but it’s not something I would necessarily seek out.  That being said, I always try them with an open mind, and mouth. πŸ™‚
They were pouring 6 meads; wildflower, tupelo, hoppy bee brew, sweet virginia, meloluna and squashed.
The squashed one is a cute idea, it’s like mead’s answer to the pumpkin beer.  It wasn’t quite my thing and kinda saturated our glasses.  The meloluna was exceedingly sweet…. far too sweet for this girl.  I did however really really really enjoy the hoppy bee brew.  It was a hopped up mead, that ended up effervescent.  The hoppiness seemed to take away the cloying sweetness and it was excellent.

We migrated to the other side of the building.

We started at the first table we came to…  Fincastle Vineyard & Winery.  This guy is the guy that is always pouring for them, and he is everywhere… Microfestivus’ only winery in fact.
I don’t love or hate their wines… But I love their sangria’s!!

We tasted their: chardonnay, cab sauv, cab franc, Knight’s Tour (their petit verdot, cab franc & cab sauv blend), Rose, Hybrid Vigor, Traminette and Sangria.
I really enjoyed the Hybrid Vigor.  It was fresh and citrusy… slightly sweet… I really enjoyed it.  They also sampled out a sangria they made, and thankfully had the recipe on hand!!  I’ll probably make it for my mom’s next visit.

SumDat Farm Market were pouring two Horton wines and one Peaks of Otter wine.
They poured Horton’s chardonnay and their blackbery wine.  I heart that blackberry wine.  The chard was okay…. I’m not one for chards though!
The Peaks of Otter wine was their pear apple… A simple fruit wine. πŸ™‚

And then last… but certainly not least….Chateau Morrisette.  Now you must know both Hubs and I love Chateau.  We joined their wine club… The Kennel Club.  We like almost every wine they have.  Both of us. πŸ™‚

They tasted out their: Chambourcin, Cab Franc, The Black Dog (their most popular table red, a blend of cab vranc, chambourcin & merlot), chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Our Dog Blue (their most popular wine, period), Blackberry wine, Sweet Mountain Laurel, and Red Mountain Laurel.  Chateau’s wines are very balanced, and contain complexity.  We are never disappointed.
The faves of the day: Chambourcin, Black Dog, Vidal Blanc.  But I like them all.   The mountain laurels are very sweet, they taste like something out of the Redwall books. πŸ™‚

There’s the break down!!

We really enjoyed ourselves…. Ran into some people we enjoy seeing, made some new acquaintances, all in all, it was awesome. πŸ™‚


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